The mission of NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness is to discover a new wave of talented filmmakers and storytellers from around the world and provide them with an outlet for their creativity. Each year, NYC Midnight designs intense competitions to challenge the stamina, determination, and originality of these aspiring filmmakers and screenwriters.

Since 2002, thousands of filmmakers and screenwriters from around the world have taken part in NYC Midnight events.  Top films from NYC Midnight have gone on to screen and win awards at festivals such as Cannes, Sundance, Cinequest, and Crossroads.


NYC Midnight is dedicated to creating competitions filled with rewarding events for the participants, the film community and beyond.  In addition, NYC Midnight strives to support and inspire filmmakers and screenwriters in their future cinematic endeavors. 




"THANKS SO MUCH!  ...we were inspired by you guys to produce TWO great films...and have been glowing for a week straight after winning the grand prize.  You've got a quality organization that actually cares about the filmmakers, about the spirit of filmmaking and is committed to a fun idea."  - Casimir Nozkowski of Team Graham Avenue Films (Brooklyn, NY) after winning the 2004 grand prize with their 24 Hour Film, "Welcome Back."


"A big thanks to you guys, yet again... this little short has really opened some interesting doors for us, and it would have never happened if not for NYC Midnight."  - Joel Silver of Team Mise-En-Chien Productions (Toronto, ONT) for their musical, "Dog Given Rights" that went on to win's 2003 Online Film Festival and screen at festivals throughout North America, including Sundance.


"We figure if we can make it through this alive, we can do just about anything"  - Jay Cornelius of Team St. Jude Pictures (New York, NY) as seen in Wired Magazine's coverage of the 2003 competition.


"The entire weekend of nycmmm was true to it's was great to put together a team who really cared about what we were doing and had a ball doing it."  - Jason Ubaldi of Team One Steak Left (New York, NY) after winning the 2003 grand prize with their 24 hour film, "Drake's Cake."




2006 - The 12-Hour NYC Film Race (September 30, 2006)

2006 - Screenwriter's Challenge 2006

2006 - Animadness 2006

2006 - The NYC Midnight Run (May 12-13, 2006)

2005 - Movie Making Madness 2005

2005 - The Brooklyn Midnight Run (September 23-24, 2005)

2005 - The 2005 Screenwriter's Challenge

2005 - The NYC Midnight Run (May 13-14, 2005)

2004 - NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Short Film Competition

2004 - NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Screenplay Competition

2003 - NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Short Film Competition

2002 - NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness Short Film Competition






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