►2002 short film competition



► Anyone from around the world may enter

► There are 2 rounds

1st Round:  Teams of filmmakers are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject.  Some past examples of this are:  genre-comedy  subject-competing lemonade stands, genre-musical  subject-animal rights.  The list of possible genres is below:





Silent Movie

Film Noir







Romantic Comedy


Political Satire

Fairy Tale



Crime Caper

Samurai / Kung Fu (Martial Arts)



► Teams have 2 weeks to write, shoot, edit, and score a 10 minute (maximum) short movie and send to NYC for judging.

► Winners are chosen from each heat and are invited to participate in the Final Round held in NYC to compete for the grand prize

Final Round:  Teams all receive the same subject and genre and have 24 hours to create and submit a movie from scratch...from midnight to midnight.  The movies are viewed by a panel of judges who choose the top movies - the winner takes home the grand prize!




The inaugural 2002 Competition attracted 35 teams of filmmakers from 12 states across the country.  Their 1st Round movies were submitted and the field was narrowed down to 16 finalists.  These 16 finalists traveled to NYC to compete in the final round competition held from October 4-6, 2002.

A very excited and energetic crowd of filmmakers arrived at the final round information session and subject and genre drawing in NYC on Friday, October 4.  16 teams and documentary camera crews packed the house at Flannery's Bar, and at the stroke of midnight were given their final challenge of the competition...MAKE A MOVIE IN 24 HOURS!


Every team received the same genre and subject.  The genre: FAIRY TALE  The subject: A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR


13 of the 16 teams submitted their movies by midnight on Saturday, October 5 and had a few celebratory drinks before crashing for the night.  At the sold-out screening on Sunday, October 6 at the Anthology Film Archives, an enthusiastic audience applauded and cheered throughout all of the films, and in the end, along with the judges, voted for their favorite.


Congratulations to The Chicago All-Stars, voted "2002  Best Film of the Competition" for their short, "The Lie and How We Told It."  They captured the grand prize of $2,400 cash and a production package provided by the official sponsor of the competition, Tamberelli Video ServicesFulton St. Films' "Once upon a once upon..." followed close behind in second place, and Team 15's "King Georgey" came in third.






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