►2004 short film competition



► Anyone from around the world may enter

► There are 2 rounds

1st Round:  Teams of filmmakers are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject.  Some past examples of this are:  genre-comedy  subject-competing lemonade stands, genre-musical  subject-animal rights.  The list of possible genres is below:





Silent Movie

Film Noir







Romantic Comedy


Political Satire

Fairy Tale



Crime Caper

Samurai / Kung Fu (Martial Arts)



► Teams have 2 weeks to write, shoot, edit, and score a 10 minute (maximum) short movie and send to NYC for judging.

► Winners are chosen from each heat and are invited to participate in the Final Round held in NYC to compete for the grand prize ($10,000 in 2004)

Final Round:  Teams all receive the same subject and genre and have 24 hours to create and submit a movie from scratch...from midnight to midnight.  The movies are viewed by a panel of judges who choose the top movies - the winner takes home the grand prize!




The 2004 Competition attracted 141 teams of filmmakers from around the world.  The movies were outstanding, and 12 teams were invited to compete in the final round held in NYC.  Teams assembled at Tribeca Cinemas to receive their final assignment of the competition at midnight. 


As the alarm went off to signal midnight, the teams opened their envelopes to reveal the final assignment of the competition : Genre - GHOST STORY / MONSTER MOVIE  Subject - GENIUS.  Armed with their assignment and a case of Sobe Adrenaline Rush, teams quickly exited the cinemas onto the city streets and the madness was underway.


11 of the 12 teams made the midnight deadline the following night at Tribeca Cinemas and celebrated into the early morning hours.  The completed 24 hour movies were screened for an esteemed panel of judges and a packed house at NYU's Cantor Film Center.  The screening was immediately followed by a Q&A with the filmmakers and an award presentation.  Congratulations to team GRAHAM AVENUE FILMS (Brooklyn, NY) and team representative Casimir Nozkowski for capturing the Grand Prize for their film, "Welcome Back."  Following close behind in second was team WAVERLY FILMS (Brooklyn, NY) with "The Werewolf Solution".  Third place went to team CONCOCTIONS (Toronto, ONT) for their film, "The Tao of Boo".



Pictures from Final Round Weekend (Oct. 7-10, 2004)

Thursday Oct. 7th Friday Oct. 8th - Saturday Oct. 9th Sunday Oct. 10th


Thursday, October 7th - Screening & Party (click on images to enlarge)


Friday, Oct. 8th - Saturday, Oct. 9th - 24 Hour Movie Drop-Off


Sunday, October 10th - 24 Hour Movies World Premiere @ NYU Cantor Film Center







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