NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness offers a range of opportunities for sponsors, with different levels to accommodate every budget.  Don't miss out on this chance to get your name in front of a growing audience of savvy, urban consumers from around the globe.


For more information on how to be a part of an NYC Midnight event as a sponsor, please contact:


Charlie Weisman

cweisman (at)

(212) 647-9653



The Digital Film Academy, Writers Boot Camp, Brooklyn Museum, Write Brothers, Final Draft, Gorilla Software, Technisphere Corporation, The L Magazine, Tobin DVD, Rockstar Energy Drink, Script Shark, Tamberelli Digital, Fuze Beverages, NOS Energy Drink, NYC Final Cut Users Group, UK New York Bar & Restaurant, InkTip, NYC Screenwriters Meetup Group, and Digital Express, etc.







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