Updates on 2005 Screenwriter's Challenge Participants (7/18/06)

If you were a participant in the 2005 Screenwriter's Challenge and you would like to publish your script updates or accomplishments, please let us know.


Martin Lancaster, Finalist

1st Round Script Update - "Araucaria"

Araucaria has been rewritten as a feature length script at the request of a producer who read the original short.

Other Accomplishments

My short comedy script "Accidents Happen" has been optioned by Zaccheo Films and will be produced in 2007. A Hindi language version of the script is also in pre-production.


Chris Messineo, Finalist

1st Round Script Update - "A Toaster in Space"

We finished shooting the script this past April and are in the midst of post production. The film should be completed this summer. In the meantime you can follow our progress here: http://www.offstagefilms.com/Toaster.htm

Other Accomplishments

Since last year's competition we have filmed 3 shorts: "Brain Storm", "The Photographer", and "The Riverbank". Meanwhile, we are in development on our first feature film, "Amongst the Savages". You can find out more at our web site: http://www.OffStageFilms.com


Joan Philo, Finalist

1st Round Script Update - "You Hurt Sissy"

Since winning in its heat, "You Hurt Sissy" placed in the Top Five at the Rod Serling short screenwriting competition.

Other Accomplishments

This past year I have cast the extras for "Stranger Than Fiction", "Flags of our Fathers" and "The Break Up". For my own project I am producing my comedy feature script "Scoot" with my producing partner Clare. It's been a blast so far as we have seen strong interest in the American and Irish community!   Any casting and "Scoot" updates can be found on my website: http://www.joanphilocasting.com.  Thanks to the screenwriter's challenge as it sparks the mind and triggers the pen.


Rich Schimpf, Finalist

1st Round Script Update - "Lucid Mobius"

Lucid Mobius was the subject of a film production class at San Francisco's School of the Arts.

Other Accomplishments

I've worked on two rewrites with director Roberto Jabor. One of them, Horizontal Flowers, is scheduled to go into production in the fall. The second is being exec-produced by Film Source, and is out to casting. I'm going to the Squaw Valley Writer's conference this August, where I'm workshopping my original script "I Am Joaquin", about California folk legend Joaquin Murieta.


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Miquiel Banks

Recent Accomplishments - One of my jazz pieces has been chosen as the theme song for an upcoming feature film, The Sweet Taste of Garden, by Michael Marks (writer and producer of Angel of Hate 2005).


Nimer Basha

1st Round Script Update - "Repentance"

"Repentance" just advanced to the top 25% of a screenwriting competition. Results for the next round are coming up in a few weeks.


Jane Beckwith

Recent Accomplishments - 'I was a finalist (one of the top 16) in the scene writing tournament at the Screenwriting Expo 4.


Wyatt Bernstein

Recent Accomplishments - In post-production on hybrid documentary "Auteurvision", a hilarious and sad debut about the filmmaker's battle with manic-depression.  Podcast on Indian slide guitarist Debashish Bhattachayra uploaded to Current TV -- http://www.current.tv  "Matt's Birthday Gift" (2006 NYC Midnight Run) uploaded to Triggerstreet.com with some good reviews.  More info @ http://www.327films.com


Elizabeth Chase

1st Round Script Update - "For Sale by Dubya"

Application writing sample for admission into AFI Conservatory for Fall of 2006. I was accepted and will be attending to pursue my MFA in Screenwriting!


MaryBeth Conti

1st Round Script Update - "Slick"

"Slick", my first-round entry in the NYC Midnight competition, placed third in the New Jersey State Film Festival Screenplay Competition. I later placed the script on InkTip.com, where it has attracted a lot of attention. In addition to Michael Frediani, who has optioned it, there were other filmmakers who wanted to produce it.  I'm waiting to hear when production will begin.

Other Accomplishments

My feature-length comedy script, Self Help, was a quarterfinalist in the Expose It Comedy Screenwriting Competition, and was Top Ten in Mark Canton's Screenwriter Dig.


Kelly Donoho

1st Round Script Update - "Blue Blazes"

Filed away in my filing cabinet under "scripts" To date it is the only resident of the file.

Other Accomplishments

Ummm, well I updated my netflix queue..does that count? I did a couple of re-writes for Blue Blazes and it is still available if there are any students or indie filmmakers out there who may be interested in that sort of twisted adventure. I have now moved on to a new writing project.


L Scott Dunlap & Jo Salway

Recent Accomplishments - We won the Ultimate Screenwriter Contest at AbsoluteWrite 2006!  We've just finished writing 3 strong scripts for Zoetrope and the ASA contests coming up.


Matt Guerin

Recent Accomplishments - Hired by Toronto film production company to write feature-length screenplay. Have since completed second draft for said company.


Anna Hailey

Recent Accomplishments - I was Assistant Director and Script Editor for an independent feature film, which premiered in March - http://www.thatdaymovie.com.  I am also a recent graduate of the UCLA Professional Program in Screenwriting. http://www.filmprograms.ucla.edu/online.htm


Michael James

Recent Accomplishments - Rewrote two more drafts of my feature "Racers Edge" which can be viewed on http://www.inktip.com and http://www.hollywoodlitsales.com. Shopping for an agent or interested producer.  LOGLINE: A young motocross racer – frustrated by his repeated failures to win his father’s love and respect – falls into the edgy glamour of bad company and dangerous circumstances.  My script has been four years in development and was recently polished per studio notes from a very reputable source. “Racer’s Edge” is to motocross what the film “Million Dollar Baby” was to boxing, a character driven piece not about the sport but about the people. If you’re interested email easywriter882@aol.com


Christos Kouros

1st Round Script Update - "Grand Pete"

We are starting the production, based on the screenplay, next month. We've almost finished with casting and locations. It took a year to go forward due to other projects running at the same time.

Other Accomplishments

I've started with an other friend (from arts) a group called Jeunes Premieres, featuring short films, music clips, ads, paintings, graphic designs, graphic novels, scripts, etc..  The site is under construction but there are few bits over there: http://www.jeunespremieres.com and on myspace: http://www.myspace.com/jeunespremieres 


Bruce Marrow

1st Round Script Update - "Back Spin"

Currently reworking the short script into a MOW format.


Ginger Rogers

1st Round Script Update - "Wide Awake in the Closet"

Title changed to "Her Sister's Keeper" Currently in development to be a full feature screenplay.


Pamela Skjolsvik

Recent Accomplishments - A short I wrote called In the Pink won 3rd place at the Tahoe Reno International Film Festival and was a finalist in the Duke City Shootout. I turned that short into a feature called Pink Slip and it was a finalist in the writemovies.com contest. At the 2005 Screenwriting expo, I had the highest score in round one of the writing tournament out of 754 writers. I was booted in round two. Ah, well.


Robert Toevs

Recent Accomplishments - I'm in pre-production on a short I wrote called "Wiped" which I'm producing and directing. The script is pretty much locked, and I'm breaking it down and storyboarding at the moment. I'm shooting it under the auspices of my own prodco, which is online at www.imnfilms.com. Right now it's a blog detailing the process of making the short from script to screen, but I hope to have A/V content on it as I can generate some. "Wiped" will go to festivals, and may end up viewable on the site eventually. By the way, I'd love to participate in this year's challenge, but I'll be on a trip at the time and won't be able to dedicate the time and energy necessary to compete. I wish everyone involved this year the very best of luck.


Bryce Weinert

1st Round Script Update - "The Luna"

Optioned/In post production

Other Accomplishments

I was asked to adapt a short film script into a full length stageplay for the Six Figures "Artists of Tomorrow" Festival in NYC.






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