Behind the Scenes with Team Nocturno (10.10.06)




Movie Making Madness 2005 winners, Team Nocturno, speak about the making of their mockumentary "Marnee : A Garage Sale Retrospective". 



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NYC Midnight : Were you happy with the assignment you received?  (Comedy/Mockumentary about a Fashion Statement) Was there another genre you would have preferred or any particular assignment you would have despised?

Team Nocturno : We were fine with comedy/mockumentary – that’s pretty wide open but we weren’t too thrilled with “a fashion statement.”  We cycled through a lot of ideas but they all seemed pretty cliché.  The genre we most didn’t want was slasher… or musical.  Musical seems pretty daunting – good job to the teams that wound up with musical. 


NYC Midnight : How did you schedule your shoot over the 2 week period?  Did you stick to your schedule or did everything change?

Team Nocturno : We spent the first week brainstorming and planning.  Our original idea was to come up with a concept in the first two days so that we would have plenty of time to write, shoot and edit but that wound up not happening at all.  We were all working at the time – four out of five of us were working nights – so our time was really limited.  We finally got our idea together and had a script that we really liked but it had a ton of locations and actors so at the last minute we decided to scrap it.  One of our team members had a group of friends who were holding a garage sale and happened to be improv actors so after a bit of debate we decided to shoot that and see what we came away with.


NYC Midnight : Was there a lot of improvisation on the shoot or did the actors stick to the script?

Team Nocturno : There was definitely a lot of improvisation.  We came up with some basic ideas and then let the actors go.  We got a lot of really hysterical stuff.


NYC Midnight : What equipment did you use for the shoot?

Team Nocturno : We had a 3 chip mini DV camera and a boom mic – no lights.  We edited on Final Cut Pro and our music was composed by a friend (also one of our improve actors).


NYC Midnight : What was your total budget for the film and what did you spend the money on?

Team Nocturno : Aside from mini DV tapes and lunch for our actors we barely spent any money at all. 


NYC Midnight : Were there any good behind-the-scenes stories?

Team Nocturno : None that we’re at liberty to talk to about.  No, we had all the typical drama.  It was the first time we had all worked together as a group and there was definitely some friction here and there but in the end we came away with a product we were pretty happy with.


NYC Midnight : Did you get a chance to check out the other films in the competition?  If so, what were some of your favorites?

Team Nocturno : We’re all big fans of the film, “My Imaginary Friend Lars Stevens,” by Ragtag Productions.


NYC Midnight : Do you and your teammates work in the industry and have you had success

with other festivals in the past?

Team Nocturno : We are all editors and assistant editors.  We have never worked on a project together before, but individually we have all been part of other films that have been successful at various festivals.


NYC Midnight : What learning experience did you take away from the competition?

Team Nocturno : I think the biggest lesson we learned is that having pre-assigned roles and sticking to them is key.  The film needed one director, one editor, one shooter, etc. – not five of each.  The idea of making everything entirely collaborative and equal is lovely but it’s a very rare team that can make that approach work.


NYC Midnight : Do you have any upcoming projects you wish to talk about?

Team Nocturno : One of the best things that came from our success in the Midnight  Movie Madness is the inspiration and confidence to shoot a feature in the same style that we shot "Marnee." The movie, "May The Best Man Win," features a great ensemble cast with a fun premise that  we're all very excited about. We wrapped principal photography in early August and are feverishly in the process of editing it now.  We hope to hit this year's festival circuit. It's a really funny film directed by Adam Fleischhacker ("Adam" from the movie) starring some outstanding comedic actors, such as Matt Walsh ("Dog Bites Man," "Old School"), Rob Riggle ("Saturday Night Live," "The Daily Show") and Horatio Sanz ("Saturday Night Live").


NYC Midnight : How do you plan on using the cash and services you won as the grand prize?

Team Nocturno : We took our actors out for a big meal as a thank you – and as for the rest of our loot, we’ll try and divvy it up according to upcoming needs.

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