► Anyone may compete from anywhere in the world

► There are 2 rounds

► 1st Round:  Screenwriters are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject (ex. genre - comedy, subject - competing lemonade stands).  Click here to check out the 1st Round Heats from the 2005 Screenwriter's Challenge.

► Screenwriters have 1 week to write an original short screenplay (maximum 20 pages).

► Winners are chosen from the 1st Round to advance to the 2nd round and compete for over $16,000 in prizes and exposure to the industry.

► 2nd Round:  The winning screenwriters all receive the same genre and subject at midnight (NYC time).  They have just 24 hours to write an original short screenplay and e-mail to NYC for judging.

► A panel of judges review the final round screenplays and a grand prize winner is chosen!



Over 440 writers were broken up into 24 heats in the 1st Round of the competition.  Click here to view the 1st Round Results, including winning loglines!  34 talented writers were chosen to advance to the finals where they were challenged to write an original short script in 24 hours based on the following assignment : Genre - Horror, Subject - A Note.  Congratulations to the winners listed below and to all of the writers for rising to the challenge!


1st Place - Elizabeth Chase (Pasadena, CA, USA)

"Disgorgement" - Evil and illness come together to create the most feared products of a pandemic: conspiracy realized and the death of hope itself.


2nd Place - James Harris (Saltburn, Cleveland, UK)

"Sick Note" - Grand Guignol meets Phys Ed as cricket bat meets Ken's head.


3rd Place - Clark Kline (Frederick, MD, USA)

"Salvation" - A subdued man wakes up in a room full of dead bodies and can only listen and wait his turn as a doctor begins to remove organs  from the living man beside him.


4th Place - Derek Keyeski (Oak Creek, WI, USA)

"The Undead Penthouse" - Life looks good from the top floor of Mercy Hospital, as Lockwood Residential unveils plans to convert the abandoned property into condominiums, but beneath the surface the hospital already has vacancies it's looking to fill.


5th Place - Ali Imran Zaidi (Orlando, FL, USA)

"Karbala" - 1400 years after a bloody massacre on the banks of the Euphrates, a survivor from a downed Black Hawk mission fights for a life he was ready to give, in a land branded by misery.  Inspired by the true history of Karbala.


6th Place - Caroline Coxon (Buxted, East Sussex, UK)

"Go Grimly" - A strange choice of job for a young man, at the funeral parlour, but young Mattie Ramsden can’t wait to start. It is a place where only the morbidly curious would want to linger...


7th Place - F. Chong Rutherford (Brooklyn, NY, USA)

"Carillons A Musique" - A pair of thieves steal a music box for a racist old man, and fail to heed his warning to not play a note of its music.


8th Place - Shelli Wright (Cape Coral, FL, USA)

"Fatal Error" - A college student…alone…begins to get creepy messages from her computer.  But by the time she realizes evil forces are all around her, it's too late to escape.


9th Place - Gabrielle Pace (New York, NY, USA)

"Ante Chamber" - Demons exist.


10th Place - Katie Harding (Salem, MA, USA)

"Casualties of Fear" - It is hard to live with the mistakes you've made, especially when someone doesn't want you to.


11th Place - Amy Neswald (New York, NY, USA)

"Chromosome 6" - An undiagnosed narcoleptic, spurred on by his messianic therapist, is increasingly unable to separate his dreams from his reality.


12th Place - Jayson McDonald (London, Ontario, Canada)

"Fertility" - A vague note sent to a pair of university researchers leads them to a remote house in a dark forest, where ancient fertility rites have produced unpleasant brood.


13th Place - Dana Moe Halley (San Mateo, CA, USA)

"Better Than Botox" - A New York lawyer and mother begins to encounter strangers who seem to be drawn to her.  Why these strangers are drawn to her is a horrifying riddle to which only the dermatologist knows the answer.


14th Place - Heather Hughes (Seattle, WA, USA)

"Grace Notes" - Mark Lombardi's picture-perfect life begins to unravel when his four year old Grace delivers a disturbing note to her mother, written on her adorable little-girl stationery.


15th Place - John Dowgin (Spotswood, NJ, USA)

"Marguerite" - When an aging Creole opera diva finds she can no longer reach the notes that made her a star, she resorts to her secret Voodoo upbringing in a desperate bid to save her career.



We strive to provide our winning writers with awards that will help them take their next big step in the industry.  There is currently over $16,000 in cash and prizes to the winning screenwriters.  Click here to see a detailed list of awards.



Special thanks to our judges who spent many hours going through the 1st Round Scripts : Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer, James Bewley, Desiree Birch, Joel Haber, Jodi Horenstein, D.B. Gilles, Eun-Ha Paek and Benjamin Swicker.  Click here for their bios.







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