The Digital Film Academy provides the best training in digital media and digital filmmaking courses. DFA courses offer unlimited lab time, as well as a continued one year facility membership for all graduates! Only DFA has this ongoing support for alumni. Why? Because DFA's goal is not only to create great filmmakers, but also to see that each and every DFA student function as an independent in this growing industry.

So, if you need training in: Digital Filmmaking, 3D Animation, After Effects, Editing (Final Cut Studio, Avid Xpress Pro), Sound Recording & Editing, DVD Authoring, Production Management etc., and want continued support after graduation, contact The Digital Film Academy at




With over 27 million members, Friendster is a free online social networking service that allows you to stay connected to friends, make new friends, share information, organize activities, find dates, and reconnect with lost friends


Gorilla is production software especially designed for independent filmmakers.  It handles budgeting, scheduling, cast, crew, locations, accounting, editing notes, and even film festival submissions.  Gorilla is reasonably priced, easy to learn, and really helps indie filmmakers stay organized through the otherwise difficult process of film production. 


At Tobin DVD we manage all phases of dvd production. We can take your project from concept to completion. Our experienced staff will help you through planning of DVD navigation, editing, menu design, disc artwork and packaging options.


Writers Boot Camp is valuable not only for writers but for anyone planning a career that involves scripts and creative collaboration.  WBCs programs include: Think Tank, created for writers ready to embark on a dedicated path toward a career in writing; Basic Training (both live and online), designed for writers trying out screenwriting for the first time or professional writers looking to jumpstart a new project; Immersion, an intensive and accelerated version of Basic Training; and private consultation.



The L Magazine is New York City's local event guide, filled with thousands of the best up to date listing, incisive reviews and amazing stories about New York City.  Look for The L Magazine at hundreds of streets corners, bars, restaurants and theaters throughout Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens.



The New York City Final Cut Users Group was established in September 2002 to extend the knowledge of authors, directors, and editors expressing themselves through the motion picture medium.  Both beginners and established professionals are invited to learn and share in the NYC FC UG community with a focus on storytelling skills, workflow integration, and audience development.



Crumpler makes bags messenger bags, laptop and photography bags and backpacks and pouches for all manner of digital gadgets.  Products are available online or at our two stores in New York - 45 Spring Street in Soho and 49 8th Avenue at the corner of Horatio in the West Village.  The reputation of the Crumpler's products continues to grow in response to their legendary durability, unique style, and the wide range of sizes, colours and functions.








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