FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


Q.  Can we enter previously made films in Animadness 2007?

A.  No.  All films must be original and must be based on the theme, character and object assignment. 


Q.  3 weeks to make an animated film, are you crazy?

A.  No...well, yes.  Our competitions are designed specifically to challenge the creativity and stamina of our participants, and Animadness is the latest challenge to prove that great films can be made without the luxury of a large budget or endless resources.  Obviously certain forms of animation are easier to produce than others, but we don't want to limit anyone by telling you what can and can't be done in 3 weeks.  Get a good team together, a few pounds of coffee grounds and go for it.


Q.  What form of animation can I use?

A.  Any form (as long as it is animation) - 2D, 3D, stop motion, rotoscoping, it's up to you.  We will NOT accept live action films shot at full-frame rate (this includes puppetry filmed in real time).  If you have a question as to what is an acceptable form of animation, please e-mail us with the form you would like to use, and with samples of animation if possible.


Q.  How much do we have to integrate the theme, character and object assignment into our film?

A.  Referring to the Official Rules Paragraph #9:  "...each Teamís Entered Film must be within the assigned Theme, the assigned Character must be incorporated into the film as a major or main character and the assigned Object must be incorporated into the film so that it is integrated with the plot or storyline."


Q.  Can I use previously created characters, backgrounds, illustrations, etc. in the film?

A.  Yes, but...artwork created prior to the start of the competition require releases from all artists who added in any way to the work.

Q.  Does it have to be funny?  Does the story have to appeal to a target audience?

A.  No and No.  There is no restriction on the genre of the film - the teams have their choice whether to make their film funny, dramatic, scary, musical, etc.  and there is no specific target audience.  We are looking for inventive and imaginative stories.  Push the boundaries and make the film you want to make and create a story that drives you.


Q.  How long does the film have to be?

A.  The maximum length (including credits) is 5 minutes.  There is no minimum length.  And remember that just because a film is longer, doesn't mean it's better. 


Q.  Do the movies have to be in English?

A.  No.  They may be in any language you like, but we strongly advise foreign movies to be subtitled (as English-speaking judges and audience will be viewing them). 


Q.  What is the age limit for the participants?

A.  The only restriction on age is that the team representative must be 18 years of age or older.


Q.  Is there a limit to the number of team members?

A.  No.  There is no maximum or minimum number of team members.  So, if you think you can do it by yourself, go for it.






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