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how it works

► Anyone may compete from anywhere in the world

► There are 2 rounds

► 1st Round (7/13/07 - 7/21/07) :  Writers are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject (ex. comedy : competing lemonade stands or horror : a family reunion).  Click here to check out the 2006 1st round heat assignments.

► Writers have 1 week to write an original short screenplay (15 pages max).

► Winners are chosen from the 1st Round to advance to the 2nd round and compete for thousands in cash & prizes.

► 2nd Round (9/21/07 - 9/22/07) :  The winning writers all receive the same genre and subject at midnight (EST time) and have just 24 hours to write an original short screenplay and submit for judging.

► A panel of judges review the screenplays and a grand prize winner is chosen!



the winners

To view the winning loglines and writer contact information for the 1st Round scripts, click here.


In the Final Round, 50 writers were challenged to create an original short screenplay in just twenty four hours based on the following assignment:

Genre - Sci-Fi

Subject - Trespassing


The winners are listed below.


1st Place - Aaron Pease – “We'll Meet Again Some Day” - A man trespasses into a parallel universe and meets his match.

2nd Place -
Tara Iarusso - “Imprint” - In a war-torn future, a wounded soldier returns home to put the past to rest.

3rd Place -
Lucia Lopez - “Sandman #21” - In the year 2083, the world is under the careful control of a power referred to as The Nation. One man's past comes back to confront him when The Nation's Surveillance team trespasses on his most intimate property - his dreams.

4th Place -
Pete Barry - “Turing Test” - The manager of a cyberspace country club must determine which of the guests at a virtual sweet sixteen party is a robot.

5th Place -
Kristen Gray - “Two Worlds” - A troubled woman finds a new lease on life when a hole in a fence leads her to an alternate reality.

6th Place -
Jon Hoffman - “Foiled Again” - Revenge is a dish best served without the foil wrapper.

7th Place -
David Fulco - “The Sentry Officer” - In the near future, a Sentry Officer rediscovers his humanity when a break occurs in the line of his robotic counterparts.

8th Place -
Mark Satterthwaite - “The Country Line” - Two longtime friends investigate strange happenings at a neighboring property in the Countryside.

9th Place -
Carl Gough - “Mindspace” - In the future, corporations will go to unusual lengths to reach the minds of their consumers.

10th Place -
Bryce Carlson - “Sodoma” - A man with nothing left to lose wanders a city ridden with crime and depravity in search of absolution while ignoring boundaries and signs of impeding supernatural judgement.

Honorable Mention -
David Borcherding - “Salvage” - A family of scrappers trespasses into a forbidden sector of space to pull an illegal salvage job on a derelict ship. One way or the other, it will be their last job ...

Honorable Mention -
Steve DeMartino - “Date With The Lizarden King” - On a mission from his superiors, the determined Grizz must venture deep into the Lizarden headquarters armed only with his instincts and a laser pistol. He's gonna need the laser pistol.

Honorable Mention -
Alexander Gradet - “Me Me Me” - A college student learns of his historic importance from his future self.

Honorable Mention -
Elizabeth Chase - “Game Over” - The line between reality and fantasy is blurred when a gamer finds himself trespassing on the wrong piece of virtual land.

Honorable Mention -
Michael Nachoff - “Trespast” - A time traveler takes a couple hostage to prevent the murder of a man who will change the world.




Special thanks to our judges below:



Deborah Chesher - I was a rock'n'roll photographer back when the music business was about the music. I am now putting together "Everybody I Shot Is Dead," a book of my photographs of the musicians who have passed, along with my personal stories. I am writing the blog at  http://everybodyishotisdead.blogspot.com/ to chronicle the making of the book, from its inception to release. I will write about the creative process and the business ups and downs of finding the right publisher. Come along for the ride. I promise it will be interesting and entertaining.


Alex Epstein is a screenwriter for television and movies. He was nominated for a Jutra and a Canadian Comedy Award for his writing on BON COP BAD COP, which won the Genie for Best Picture, and broke the Canadian box office record for a Canadian movie. He co-created the comic drama tv series NAKED JOSH for Showcase and Oxygen; it ran three seasons. He’s been nominated twice for a Canadian Screenwriting Award for his work on the show. He was Head Writer on the science fiction series CHARLIE JADE.

He began his career in LA, where, as a development and production exec, he helped produce a half dozen films and worked with directors such as Richard Attenborough and John Badham. He also co-wrote WARRIORS, starring Gary Busey. In 2000 he moved to Montréal, where he was Executive Story Editor on FoxKids’ series GALIDOR.  He has written two screenwriting books, CRAFTY SCREENWRITING: WRITING MOVIES THAT GET MADE, and CRAFTY TV WRITING: THINKING INSIDE THE BOX. He recently directed a short comedy film, TWELVE WAYS TO SAY I’M SORRY.

Epstein got his Master of Fine Arts at UCLA's School of Film and Television. He has his B.A. magna cum laude from Yale College in Computer Science and English.  Epstein lives in Montréal’s Old Port with his wife, two kids, and a big shaggy dog. He blogs about screenwriting at http://complicationsensue.blogspot.com. He is currently developing a dark fantasy drama series for The Movie Network and Movie Central.


Joel Haber is a professional screenwriter and script analyst with over a 13 years of film industry experience. He has been a script reader for such companies as New Line Cinema, Walden Media, William Morris Agency, Tribeca Productions (DeNiro), and many other companies and screenplay competitions. He has also consulted independently with developing screenwriters, helping them to further improve their craft. Joel writes about screenwriting in Script magazine ( http://www.scriptmag.com/) and on his popular screenwriting blog ( http://funjoel.blogspot.com/). Joel has been named a "Star Speaker" the last three years at the Screenwriting Expo in Los Angeles. He has an MA in Media Studies, and lives in Los Angeles after many years in New York City. He may be reached for private script consultations at FunJoel@earthlink.net and will soon be launching FunJoel.com.


Dr. Julia Evergreen Keefer www.nyu.edu/classes/keefer is a writer, screenwriting consultant and professor at NYU for the past fifteen years. She just published an 800 page fantasy memoir, and is now writing a screenwriting/story structure textbook. She received her Ph.D from NYU in drama and when she is not working on films she is teaching kickboxing, so she can give you the energy to get your butt and your story in shape!

  Andy Coughlan is a screenwriter and filmmaker based in the UK.  He has written and made two short films and helped produced quite a few more.  Recently he has edited a feature film for veteran British character actor Ken Colley (Star Wars Episodes IV and V, Firefox, The Devils).  He is currently working on pre-production for his first feature film.
  D.B. Gilles is the author of "The Screenwriter Within" and "The Portable Film School." He is a produced and published screenwriter, TV writer and playwright. He did the screen adaptation of the play "Spinning Into Butter" starring Sarah Jessica Parker due this Fall. He teaches Screenwriting and Comedy Writing in the Undergraduate Film & Television Department at New York University's Tisch School of the Arts. He is also a Script Consultant. You can contact him at www.screenwriterwithin.com 
  Starr Marcello - bio coming soon



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