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frequently asked questions


If you have any questions (not answered below), please contact us.


Q.  I donít have a credit card.  Can I mail in a check or money order for the entry fee?

A.  Yes, but you must contact us for further instructions.


Q.  Can we provide previously made screenplays for the 1st Round entries?

A.  No.  All screenplays must be created during the competition and must be based on the genre and subject provided.


Q.  Can teams of writers (more than 1) work on the screenplays?

A.  Yes.  You may list additional writers on the registration form, but please note that ONLY the writer who registers will be eligible for the prizes.


Q.  Who owns the rights to the screenplays created during the competition?

A.  You, the writer.  NYC Midnight reserves the right to publish the logline and e-mail address of any writer that enters the competition for publicity purposes, but that's it.


Q.  What kind of feedback will we get for our screenplays?

A.  Every registered writer has a great chance to receive feedback.  During the 1st Round judging, we set up a Screenplay Review Forum for the participants to submit their scripts for review from fellow writers.  Last year, there were over 2,500 comments made on the 100+ scripts submitted on the forum.



Our Presenting Sponsor, Writers Boot Camp, will provide a free creative session with every 2007 Screenwriter's Challenge participant, providing them with a tool for an evaluation of their submitted 1st Round script and a one - on - one discussion of the material with a member of the full-time creative staff,  as well as a story inventory review, and career counseling.   This offer expires one month after completion of the competition. 


Q.  Can we e-mail you the 1st Round scripts?

A.  Yes, actually it is mandatory this year that all the scripts are sent electronically.  When the 1st Round starts, we will e-mail all registered writers with the electronic submission details and an e-mail address where you can send your screenplays.


Q.  What are the acceptable formats for the 1st Round screenplays?

A.  The only acceptable formats are .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) or .doc (Word Document).  We are no longer accepting hard copies of the scripts.


Q.  What is a logline?

A.  A logline is a 1-2 sentence synopsis of your story.  It should be simple, yet very enticing (the main goal is to make the reader excited to read your screenplay).




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