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Q.  Can we provide previously written short stories in the Creative Writing Championships?

A.  No.  All short stories must be created during the competition and must be based on the assignment provided.


Q.  Who owns the rights to the stories created during the competition?

A.  You, the writer.  NYC Midnight reserves the right to publish the synopsis and e-mail address of any writer that enters the competition for publicity purposes, but that's it.


Q.  What are the points and what do they mean?

A.  Writers accumulate points based on their performance in each round of the competition.  The points are meant to reward the writers with the most consistent performance over the course of the competition.  For a full description of how the points work, visit how it works.


Q.  What is the team competition?  How do I join a team?

A.  Every writer that registers can also choose to participate in the team competition.  Teams may contain up to 5 registered writers.  Teams compete based on the total points accumulated by each member on the team.  For example, if the 5 writers on the team have a total of 13, 19, 4, 56, and 37 points at the end of the competition, the team would have a total score of 129 points.


It's easy to join a team.  Just pay the extra $5 team fee when registering yourself and you will be asked to either provide a team name that you have already decided on with your teammates OR ask to be assigned to a team randomly.


Q.  How do we submit our stories?

A.  Writers will be able to uploaded their stories directly to the website  Also, an e-mail address will be provided where writers can send their stories.  When the 1st Round starts, we will e-mail all registered writers with the electronic submission details, including the link for the upload form and the e-mail address where you can send your stories.


Q.  What are the acceptable formats for the 1st Round stories?

A.  The only acceptable formats are .doc (Word Document), .txt (Text File) or .rtf (Rich Text Format).


Q.  Does it matter if the story is single or double spaced?

A.  We don't have a specific rule on spacing this year, so you may use single or double spacing.


Q.  What is a brief synopsis of my story?

A.  A brief synopsis is a 1-2 sentence summary of your story.  It should be simple, yet very enticing (the main goal is to make the reader excited to read your story).


Q.  Who are the judges?

A.  We use judges that are involved in the writing industry (i.e., writers, editors, professors, etc...) and most importantly, who we feel will choose deserving winners and provide helpful feedback to the participants.  A list of judges will be posted here when the competition begins in August.


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