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heat 10

GENRE - Sci-Fi

SUBJECT - A diet


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'The Worm' by Cynthia Davila LOGLINE - The Worm Overweight her entire life, Margarete finds herself entrapped in a top secret experiment where she is led to believe that there is a technological cure for obesity. What she and her doctor find, however, is much, much worse... and deadly.

#2 **FINALIST** 'MOTHER LETCHFORD' by Milethia Thomas LOGLINE - Lulu Labelle Letchford, inventor of the controversial 'Letchford Pill', was once employed by governments to deal with the obesity crisis. But her real aim is to make all women perfect.

#3 'Cutting Back' by Stuart Creque LOGLINE - Audrey is thrilled when Dr. Krelb invites her to a private tour of the exobiology lab. Hes hoping she can cheer up one of his specimens, thinking its compulsive eating may be caused by depression.

#4 'DreamAlive' by Jaime Case LOGLINE - A woman, unhappy with her appearance, takes a drug and experiences surprising side effects.

#5 'Diet Delight' by John Miller LOGLINE - Lenny, a famous TV personality on Planet Tholax, convinces the Tholaxian population to go on a diet, cutting out humans from their daily intake. His reasons for implenting such a diet are unknown.



10 Berggruen Nate   Kent WA USA
10 Bushee Claudia + San Francisco CA USA
10 Case Jaime   San Francisco CA USA
10 Chaluisant Victor   Bronx NY USA
10 Cianci Michael   Glastonbury CT USA
10 Creque Stuart   Moraga CA USA
10 Davila Cynthia   San Antonio TX USA
10 Geary Richard   New Castle PA USA
10 Howey Ross   Toronto Ontario Canada
10 Johnson Hope   Minneapolis MN USA
10 King Lou   Mount Juliet Tn USA
10 Matter Anthony   Elizabethville PA USA
10 Miller John   Brooklyn NY USA
10 Pandolas Marc Anthony   Carmel NY USA
10 Taylor Adam   Kew Gardens NY USA
10 Tessmer Jim + Carneys Point NJ USA
10 Thomas Milethia Rachel Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire UK








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