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heat 12

GENRE - Historical Fiction

SUBJECT - Baking


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'Pretzeled Peace' by Paul Young LOGLINE - An ex-Vietnam veteran obsessed with money struggles to get his bakery shop ready for customers one morning despite the helpless incompetence of a forgetful employee. By the end of the day he deviously plans a way to expand his riches indefinitely.

#2 **FINALIST** 'THAT DAY' by Brandon Galvan LOGLINE - A mother and father have plenty of surprises for their daughter's seventeenth birthday, but a tragedy could change everything.

#3 'Mr Hollings Takes an Interest' by Brooke Wade LOGLINE - The Master of a household questions his strength of character after his wife dies.

#4 'Der Backer' by Hedges Justin LOGLINE - The ingredients for friendship after one war don't necessarily count during the next.

#5 'The Witch Cake' by Daniel Dauphin LOGLINE - When a group of desperate townspeople turn to an old superstition to seek justice during the Salem Witch Trials, they discover that justice may have found them first.



12 Bobek Patricia   Simi Valley CA USA
12 Dauphin Daniel   Jackson MS USA
12 Ford Jack   Antioch TN USA
12 Frankel Dorian   Los Angeles CA USA
12 Galvan Brandon   Minneapolis MN USA
12 Justin Hedges   Queen Creek AZ USA
12 Lee Shannon   na na na
12 Mgbojikwe Bijou   na na na
12 Murray Sean MacBride Sunnyside NY USA
12 Paul Young   Winnipeg MB Canada
12 Rosselli Ciro   Long Island City NY USA
12 Schmitz Charlotte   Round Rock TX USA
12 Smith Katie H.   Danvers MA USA
12 Smith Ryan   Indianapolis IN USA
12 Wade Brooke   St Kilda East Victoria Australia
12 Waldron John   Mesa AZ USA
12 Wallace J.E.A.   London London UK
12 West Timothy   Columbus OH USA







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