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heat 14

GENRE - Comedy

SUBJECT - A scarecrow


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'Friends of Dorothy' by Sue Nelson LOGLINE - Four friends, each dressed as characters from the Wizard of Oz, try to reach a party in Greenville chased by cross-dresser Dorothy's angry wife.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Stalks and Bonds' by Eli Flouton LOGLINE - When a young couple's car breaks down in rural Maine, a peculiar man is a little too eager to offer them hospitality. When they get inside his home they learn why: not only is their benefactor convinced his pet scarecrow is a real person, he also may be a killer!

#3 'Night Run' by Bryan Hogue LOGLINE - Two friends set out to steal a small fortune in drugs from a high level dealer. What could go wrong?

#4 'Business Attire' by Judith Redding LOGLINE - A young businessman decides to use the scarecrow that his ex-girlfriend dressed in his clothes as a decoy while he skips work with unexpected results when the scarecrow discovers the social benefits of an office job.

#5 'Run Scarecrow Run' by Sandy Lai LOGLINE - A scarecrow comes to life after receiving a pair of shoes, but misadventures abound when the shoes take on a life of their own.



14 Baker-Moor Dan   Winnipeg Manitoba Canada
14 Barbettini Nikki   Chicago IL USA
14 Bingham Scott   Philadelphia Pa USA
14 Flouton Eli   San Francisco CA USA
14 Hogue Bryan   Manassas VA USA
14 Lai Sandy   Burlington Ontario Canada
14 McCracken Dennis   Nashville TN USA
14 Nelson Sue   Wheathampstead Herts UK
14 Orlando Byrd   New York NY usa
14 Patry Gary   Princeton NJ USA
14 Redding Judith   Philadelphia PA USA
14 Reynolds Dave   Calgary Alberta Canada
14 Richard Derek   Leesburg VA USA
14 Rodriguez DT   Wheaton IL USA
14 Sanett Jennifer   Los Angeles CA USA
14 Sheeran A.J.   Jenison MI USA
14 Valentine Russell   Chicago IL USA
14 Yancy Valerie   Florissant MO USA







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