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heat 17

GENRE - Horror

SUBJECT - A cruise


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'Goodwill' by Pete Able LOGLINE - Goodwill Ships bring hope and healing to the forgotten poor by mobilizing people and resources worldwide, and serving all people without regard to race, gender, or religion. Also, we infect unsuspecting patients with deadly disease.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Dreamy Coast Cruises' by Dalila Tarhuni LOGLINE - What was meant to be a dream cruise for a group of seven people becomes a gruesome nightmare when they find themselves ensnared as a doomed human cargo aboard a small ship. With the horrific murders and mayhem that ensue, they will each have to figure out for themselves why is this happening: are they being punished in order to obtain expiation for their sins, or is this their last chance to say sorry, before reaching their final destination?

#3 'Midnight Buffet' by Timothy Noonan LOGLINE - While on vacation with her family, fourteen year old Angela learns that there's more to her cruise than shuffleboard and all you can eat shrimp.

#4 'Red Sea' by Shane Perez LOGLINE - An ancient Polynesian Vampire is loose on a Cruise Ship between Hawaii and the Mainland.

#5 'The City Sinner' by David Riley jr. LOGLINE - After finding a coupon for a casino cruise in the yellow pages, a young couple try to finance their upcoming wedding but soon find that the Captain's illness is taking a toll on the whole ship, his envious eyes calling them like a spider's glistening web.



17 Able Pete   Woodway TX USA
17 Callewaert Cory   San Francisco CA USA
17 Costello Heather   na na na
17 Eklund Josh   Wilmington CA USA
17 Hammond Henry   Marblehead MA USA
17 Llewellyn Ben   Rockville MD USA
17 McGee Georgeann   Granite City IL USA
17 Morris Kyle   London Chingford UK
17 Mortsolf Paul + San Bernardino CA USA
17 Noonan Timothy   Pasadena CA USA
17 O Connor Eoin   Skerries Dublin Ireland
17 Perez Shane   Galway Galway Ireland
17 Riley jr. David + Lynn MA USA
17 Rock Robert   Ajax ON Canada
17 Ruiz Michael   Oakland CA usa
17 Sullivan Stephen   Brooklyn NY USA
17 Tarhuni Dalila   North Hollywood CA USA
17 Willoughby John   Lemon Grove CA USA








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