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heat 18

GENRE - Mystery

SUBJECT - An egg or eggs


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'Jack Rabbit' by Brian Kane LOGLINE - A washed up private investigator gets one last chance at redemption.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Deception Pass' by Elizabeth Herbert LOGLINE - When an unusual egg hunt ends with a struggle between a beautiful bride and her ambitious husband, her death is inevitable-but is it suicide or murder?

#3 'A Mother's Love' by Jerod Brennen LOGLINE - When Hannah's son is kidnapped, her journey for the truth raises questions she isn't ready to answer.

#4 'The Case of the Jeweled Egg' by Carolyn Hodge LOGLINE - Could a beautifully-crafted keepsake box bought at the estate sale of a mysterious recluse hold the key to a nearly century old Russian mystery? The contents of such a purchase takes a young woman into a world of lost jewels and empires.

#5 'The Bunny did It' by Tai Fauci LOGLINE - Logline: Ten-year-old sleuth, Sam Seymour solves the mystery of his friend's stolen Easter basket using his keen detection and interrogation skills or so he claims.



18 Blodgett Jacob   Pahrump NV USA
18 Brennen Jerod   Hilliard OH USA
18 Bunch Erin   Los Angeles CA USA
18 Fauci Tai   Santa Monica CA USA
18 Francisco Samantha   Fort Myers Beach FL USA
18 herbert elizabeth   greenbank wa usa
18 Hodge Carolyn   Grapevine TX USA
18 Jordan Dawn   East Orange NJ USA
18 Kane Brian   Tulsa OK USA
18 Magadini Britt   Mount Shasta CA USA
18 Manrique Erica   Burtonsville MD USA
18 Nieder Pamela   Dallas TX USA
18 Patneaude Jeffrey   Bozeman Montana USA
18 Richard Havlik   Vancouver BC Canada
18 Skjerly Arlene   Oakland CA USA
18 Teasdale Wes   Allston MA USA
18 Tumblety Ryan   Astoria NY USA
18 Zhan Aolun   Davis CA USA








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