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heat 21

GENRE - Fantasy

SUBJECT - An alarm clock


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'The Relic of Barnus' by Conor Duffy LOGLINE - When the age-old battle between good and evil comes down to an alarm clock, its owner has no choice but to get involved. But it's more than just an ancient relic fuelling this showdown, and it's up to one young man to prove that even the assistant manager of a sandwich shop has what it takes to be a hero.

#2 **FINALIST** 'A TRAILER SEX FANTASIA' by Brian Larson LOGLINE - An exiled princess who turns sex-fantasy tricks reunites with her long-lost lover.

#3 'Fukushuu' by Rob Darr LOGLINE - Two generations come together to fight an age old menace that threatens our way of life and our cell phone service.

#4 'Snoozer' by Alex Freeman LOGLINE - Frank discovers that his new alarm clock is more than what was advertised on the box.

#5 'The Timekeeper' by James Bushill LOGLINE - A teenage boy visits a clock obsessed old man. Does he have the time for the old manís secret?



21 Bowsky David   Oakland CA USA
21 Brislin Darcy + S. Hamilton MA USA
21 Bushill James   Thornlands Queensland Australia
21 Darr Rob   Sarasota Fl usa
21 Dubois Marc-Olivier   San Francisco CA USA
21 Duffy Conor   Dundalk County Louth Ireland
21 Elmer Vanessa   Washington DC USA
21 Freeman Alex   Holt MI USA
21 Harker Blake   Portland OR USA
21 Horwood Nicholas   London Buckinghamshire UK
21 Jendras David   sykesville md USA
21 Kemnitz Jr. Tom   New York NY USA
21 Larson Brian   Los Angeles CA USA
21 Milmoe Peter   San Diego CA USA
21 Peralta Valerie   Pembroke Pines FL USA
21 Stinchcomb Jan + Austin TX USA
21 West Johnathan A. Z. Derry NH USA
21 York Kellen   CIncinnati OH USA








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