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heat 23

GENRE - Mystery

SUBJECT - A phone bill


Top 5 (**FINALIST** represents writers advancing to the final round taking place this weekend)

 #1 **FINALIST** 'Suffer the Payment' by Aaron Burdette LOGLINE - Thanks to his bumbling roommate, Doug must travel to the phone company's home office to pay his bill. What he finds there, though, is something even more sinister than a late fee.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Isaac Awakes' by Honesta Romberger LOGLINE - After years of routine, a missing girl changes Isaac’s perspective and persuades him to take a step outside the box.

#3 'The Last Secret' by Scott Sandford LOGLINE - Everyone’s hiding something and comatose Peter is no different. But what happens if your last secret gets out, could cost you your life and all you can do about it is hope that your wife’s in an understanding mood?

#4 'Bobby's Call' by Chris Regan LOGLINE - A former New York detective left horribly scarred during World War II is performing in a Coney Island sideshow to make a living when a mysterious phone bill gives him the chance to return to his former profession.

#5 'Blood Red Blues' by Eric Borden LOGLINE - When a New Orleans private detective and his partner venture to East Texas to find a missing college co-ed. All involved find the bayou can be a harsh place.



23 Borden Eric   Las Vegas NV USA
23 Burdette Aaron   Astoria NY USA
23 Carrasco Luis   Chattanooga TN USA
23 Field Colm   London London UK
23 Forrest Karl   Atlanta GA USA
23 France Ashley   Roselle IL USA
23 Gilbert Galen + Los Angeles CA USA
23 Griffin Anna   Leominster MA USA
23 Hinz Christine   New York NY USA
23 Husted Harry   New York NY USA
23 Meyer Russell + Portland OR USA
23 Regan Chris   Hove East Sussex UK
23 Romberger Honesta   Harrisburg PA USA
23 Sandford Scott   Bath Somerset UK
23 Sims Roger + Boise ID USA
23 Slater Steven   Chicago IL USA
23 Ton Tivi   Las Vegas NV USA
23 Webb Briley   Scottsdale AZ USA








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