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heat 10

GENRE - Mystery

SUBJECT - An antique shop



#1 **FINALIST** 'Queer Notions' by Jan Chapman  SYNOPSIS - A young widow makes a new start miles from home, surrounded by her best memories and favorite history. Is someone else looking for comfort on the road she’s chosen?

#2 **FINALIST** 'Jimmy No Nose' by Lisa Fluekiger  SYNOPSIS - A stranger is found dead in an antique store in Last Chance, Colorado and three childhood friends must solve the crime.

#3 'The Case of the Contaminated Curio' by Ashley Perryman  SYNOPSIS - An old woman solves a murder mystery in the snowy village of Upton Cross.

#4 'ROSCOE'S RING' by Louis Leikach  SYNOPSIS - The body of Grant Hall’s best friend Roscoe is found mutilated in an alley behind a gay bar in the Adam’s Morgan section of Washington DC. Grant knows that Roscoe was not gay, so how and why did this happen?

#5 'Brothers and Arms' by Jim Hunt  SYNOPSIS - Amateur detectives as children, Frank and Joe Hardy find they’re paths diverge after a tragic event, only to collide once more with deadly results.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
10 Bettison Kate Richmond South Australia Australia
10 Chapman Jan Austin TX USA
10 Cruz Michael Orange CA USA
10 Fluekiger Lisa Evergreen co USA
10 Friberg Marc San Antonio Texas USA
10 Good Stefanie Wakefield MA USA
10 head ruston tampa florida usa
10 Hunt Jim Decatur GA USA
10 Josephs Tim Asheville NC USA
10 Kwak Mike Mountain View CA USA
10 Leikach Louis Owings Mills MD USA
10 Lyle Rosdahl San Antonio TX USA
10 Norton Sarah Bromley Kent UK
10 Penton Russell Cordele GA USA
10 Perryman Ashley na na na
10 Sheppard Lauren Austin TX USA
10 Stence Stephanie Enola Pa USA
10 Steward Patrick Charlotte NC USA
10 Verissimo Jennifer Redondo Beach CA USA
10 West Tina Brooklyn NY USA








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