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heat 12

GENRE - Sci-Fi

SUBJECT - Tourism



#1 **FINALIST** 'Family Hotel' by Dalila Tarhuni  SYNOPSIS - A grief-stricken man, whose only thoughts since losing his beloved wife have been focused on desiring his own death, finds himself grudgingly taken on a twisted and terrifying journey when an uninvited visitor invades his mind and gets chillingly personal.

"#2 **FINALIST** 'Mindshare' by Jack Dais  SYNOPSIS - In the future, timeshare vacationers won’t just swap condos.
They will swap bodies.

#3 'The Shadow Man' by Jacob Grant  SYNOPSIS - In a galaxy where space tourism is a reality, civilian visitation to uncharted planets is strictly prohibited, but that doesn’t stop one opportunistic travel agent from leading the thrill-seeking wealthy on illegal hunting expeditions on various “back road planets.” But as the travel agent begins to question the integrity of how he makes his living, a group of hunters he is escorting encounter an alien creature that imbues new terror into the centuries-old fear of the dark.

#4 'Adventure Alien: The Urban Grrlz’ Guide to the Extra-terrestrial Apocalypse' by Courtney Weber  SYNOPSIS - With the help of Adventure Alien: The Urban Grrlz’ Guide to the Extra-terrestrial Apocalypse, you won’t miss a moment of Alien planetary domination on your next vacation. We’ll show you the best places to scavenge, the coolest places to crash and the hippest places to hide—all within your shoestring budget!

#5 'Cornerless Sky' by Joseph Baleto  SYNOPSIS - A man contemplates life as he watches others in a futuristic space station while waiting to board his ship.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
12 Angsioco Leonceo Los Angeles CA USA
12 Arsiwalla Zeenat Redmond WA USA
12 baleto joseph long Beach cA USA
12 Cassanetti Nico Palm Beach Gardens FL USA
12 Dais Jack Aurora CO USA
12 Dattatreya Mallika New York New York USA
12 Fleener Clint Granite Bay CA USA
12 Grant Jacob Lyndon Center VT USA
12 Hubert Heather Williams Wyncote PA USA
12 Jennifer Hederman Evergreen Park IL USA
12 Kushmeider Pete San Francisco CA USA
12 Lau Scott Whittier, CA USA
12 McIntosh Kenneth Escondidio CA USA
12 Rivas Victoria Waterbury CT USA
12 Singal Jesse Washington DC USA
12 Smith Joel Los Angeles CA USA
12 Tanner Sarah Peabody Ma USA
12 Tarhuni Dalila North Hollywood CA USA
12 Weber Courtney New York NY USA
12 Whalen Christopher Matawan Nj USA








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