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heat 13

GENRE - Comedy

SUBJECT - A wine cellar



#1 **FINALIST** 'Not The Heisting Kind' by Cooper Watt  SYNOPSIS - Three life-long friends embark on a job that borders the cusp of their ability. Lessons are learned, friendships are challenged, and one obstacle proves itself almost too much.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Wine Cellar' by Beryl Baker  SYNOPSIS - An American traveling abroad finds herself in a difficult situation and makes the most of it quickly. Meaning, she sulks and succumbs to depression.

#3 'Cellar Beware' by Melissa A. Bernstein  SYNOPSIS - A well-to-do banking executive passes away, leaving his wine cellar to his two adult children, Gretchen and Phillip. Competitive by nature, the siblings go to extreme lengths to split up the collection.

#4 'The Cask of Armadillo' by Steven Smyth  SYNOPSIS - Dick Cheney has no idea what awaits him when George W. Bush invites him to tour the wine cellar in his new Dallas home.

#5 'The White House Wine Cellar' by Aerin Bender-Stone  SYNOPSIS - After the White House wine closet is destroyed, assistant usher Samuel Dansworth teams up with the President of the United States to use wine as the diplomatic tool of the new era.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
13 Abel Bernadette Astoria New York USA
13 Adlen Nathan Englewood Colorado USA
13 Baker Beryl Alameda CA USA
13 Barry Pete Easton PA USA
13 Bender-Stone Aerin Arvada CO USA
13 Bernstein Melissa A. Bridgeport CT USA
13 Brown Jacqueline New York New York USA
13 Clarke David Arlington MA USA
13 Colcleasure Sean St. Louis MO USA
13 Duffy Joseph Aliso Viejo CA USA
13 Fountain Sean DeTour Village MI USA
13 Larrick Timothy Columbus Ohio USA
13 Maher Madeline Ithaca New York USA
13 Moeller Kim Mountain View CA USA
13 Pitman Matthew Julian Ca USA
13 Salak Mike London Ontario Canada
13 Smyth Steven Millbury MA USA
13 Watt Cooper Toronto Ontario Canada
13 Webb Audrey Austin TX USA








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