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heat 14

GENRE - Suspense

SUBJECT - A straight jacket



#1 **FINALIST** 'The One Who Had Mercy' by Dan Bischoff  SYNOPSIS - While tracking a herd of elk through dense fog, a bow hunter finds more than just big game when three men appear out of nowhere, shackled in straightjackets lying face down in the grass. After helping the only survivor, the hunter becomes the hunted and fights for both his life and the life of a delirious stranger.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Ties that Bind' by Anna Griffin  SYNOPSIS - When there are seven years of marriage on the line, allís fair in love and war.

#3 'Straitjacket' by Timothy Presland  SYNOPSIS - In a bid for easy money, a young man finds himself in an escalting spiral of danger, culminating in an experience which goes above and beyond what he ever expected.

#4 'The Final Act' by Aileen Vertiz  SYNOPSIS -
A magician gets tied up in the grand finale of his last show ever performed.

#5 'Bound and Determined' by Richard Blewett  SYNOPSIS - Attracting the attention of the neighborhood bully may mean Nedís tranquil summer was about to get a lot more turbulent. He had to nip this in the bud, even if it meant spending quality time hanging upside down, strapped into a straitjacket.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
14 Amy Daulton Jersey City NJ USA
14 Anna Griffin Leominster Massachusetts USA
14 Bischoff Daniel Salt Lake City Utah USA
14 Blewett Richard Somerville MA USA
14 Farley Trish Sparkill NY USA
14 Keh Grace San Francisco CA USA
14 laroia ajit greenwich ct USA
14 Malmqvist Lars Cambridge NA UK
14 McCulloch James Fort Collins CO USA
14 McKinley Tony Berwyn PA USA
14 Miller Raymond Mountain View CA USA
14 Murphy Breene Laguna Beach CA USA
14 O'Neil Katie-Anne Chicago IL USA
14 O'Shea Lucy Barrack Point NSW Australia
14 Presland Timothy Stroud Gloucestershire England
14 Ramey Ashley Vancouver WA USA
14 Signer Sheri Apt 3J NY USA
14 Sugai Angelic yelm washington usa
14 Vertiz Aileen Chicago IL USA
14 yahoo MMOI na na na








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