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heat 15

GENRE - Fantasy

SUBJECT - A used car salesman / saleswoman



#1 **FINALIST** 'Working with Cars' by Rachael Dunlop  SYNOPSIS - Grandpa can do something really special with cars, something almost no one else can do, something that seems like magic. When his grandson starts to develop special talents of his own, it seems to drive man and boy apart, but both want the same thing: to lay a family tragedy to rest.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Elysium Enough' by Tabitha Kenlon  SYNOPSIS - When a man's mournful memories threaten to overpower him and turn him into a ghost, a used car saleswoman is reminded that some things need to be forgotten.

#3 'Hatless Frank' by James Bushill  SYNOPSIS - An ordinary used car salesman unwittingly stumbles on the ultimate theory underpinning the universe. Total chaos ensues.

#4 'The Ceruliax Incentive' by Joseph Kaufman  SYNOPSIS - The Millers go shopping for the perfect family rocket and are given an offer they can't refuse.

#5 'Free Bird' by Jill Raftery  SYNOPSIS - An old used car salesman struggles to live in a world where driving has been outlawed, and the sun rises every evening.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
15 Anderson K. G. Seattle WA USA
15 Aronson Evie New York NY USA
15 Belding Justin Eugene Oregon USA
15 Bushill James Chiswick London UK
15 Duffy Daniel Chicago IL USA
15 Dunlop Rachael London London UK
15 Erdman Thomas Brooklyn New York USA
15 Errington Richard Darien CT USA
15 Gould Brett Normal Illinois USA
15 Haines Nancy Atlanta GA USA
15 Hood Caroline Creemore Ontario Canada
15 Kaufman Joseph St. Louis MO USA
15 Kenlon Tabitha Boston MA USA
15 Lamovec Lawrence Chicago Illinois USA
15 Messinger Jonathan Chicago IL USA
15 Moraca Tim Montgomery Village MD USA
15 Quindo R.J. Los Angeles CA USA
15 Raftery Jill Atlantic Beach NY USA
15 Stewart Sarah Quincy MA USA
15 Wayman Alexander Chicago Illinois USA








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