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heat 17

GENRE - Fantasy

SUBJECT - A child's birthday party



#1 **FINALIST** 'Nine Equal Lengths' by Christian Davis  SYNOPSIS - A town overcome with diversity and despair finds its salvation in the hands of a boy and his unlikely friends.

"#2 **FINALIST** 'Fairytales and Inkwells' by Andrew Perry  SYNOPSIS - There are worse things than birthday parties.  When Suzie Peggins attends his twelfth, Algie finds out just how much worse.

#3 'What He Wished For' by Eric Lutz  SYNOPSIS - A mother signs her son up for a "competitive-birthday," where a panel of judges will determine who the best Birthday Boy is.

#4 'An Old Soul' by A. Melissa Hardy  SYNOPSIS - A special little boy celebrates his birthday surrounded by doting family and friends, and a family heirloom is handed down from one generation to the next.

#5 'Fog' by Alaya Wyndham-Price  SYNOPSIS - A boy celebrates his fifteenth birthday, making a wish that takes him on a journey towards understanding that true freedom is found in connection.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
17 Aichler Christopher Northridge CA USA
17 Anderson Wandarah Cameron Park CA USA
17 Bundick McKinley Hampton Virginia USA
17 Davis Christian Chicago IL USA
17 Garrison Mike Centennial CO USA
17 Grosman Maty Toronto Ontario Canada
17 Hardy A. Melissa Boulder City NV USA
17 Iversen Chelsea Alexandria VA USA
17 Joyner Ric na na na
17 Kearley Kreg Spring Valley CA USA
17 Lutz Eric Elmhurst Illinois USA
17 Maroney Andrea New York NY USA
17 Perry Dana Brooklyn NY USA
17 Perry Andrew W M Twynholm Kirkcudbright UK
17 Smith Sean Glenn Dale Maryland USA
17 sparks brian los angeles ca USA
17 Stobo Craig Glasgow City of Glasgow Scotland
17 Wilson Ann San Antonio TEXAS USA
17 Wyndham-Price Alaya Lake Oswego OR USA
17 Zuppinger KD grafton Vermont USA








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