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heat 18

GENRE - Fantasy

SUBJECT - School detention



#1 **FINALIST** 'Library Detention' by Simon Blain  SYNOPSIS - Logan High is a school for ďgiftedĒ students. While some have super strength or telekinesis powers, some have simpler abilities. Tyler Truly was able to count extremely fast. While his gift never proved very useful, on this day two major events occurred for Tyler due to his power. After pointing out his teacherís turn to baldness, Tyler is sent to detention for the first time in his life. Thatís where Tylerís skill comes into play again and leads him to discover an amazing book that will change his life. For most, school detention is horrible, for Tyler, itís the best thing to ever happen.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Guarantor' by Beverley Jackson  SYNOPSIS - In the soundless world following the Great Storm, the abuse of telepathy is rampant and repeat offenders must be deterred. Dr Morag Medlar is an expert at reforming criminals, with the exception of her own son.

#3 'Mr. Tidwell' by S. Kei Gilson  SYNOPSIS - A boy's unlikely choice leads to a startling discovery.

"#4 'WOW' by KATE LEADER  SYNOPSIS - Wow : Year 8 Alpha are in detention for playing games in recreation. Joe Turner tells us the story of how it all began.

#5 'Books are for Girls' by Katherine Wilson  SYNOPSIS - This story is about a boy, Jimmy, who believes that books are only for girls; so his dad always taught him. However, when he is forced by his principal to read a book for detention, Jimmy finds that he has an imagination that will take him anywhere.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
18 Adams Jason Sparks NV USA
18 Barb Wersel West Bend WI USA
18 Blain Simon Regina Saskatchewan Canada
18 Blanton Becky Danville VA USA
18 Boccuzzi Jeralyn Barnet Vermont USA
18 Brueckner Rich portland OR USA
18 clarkson martha kirkland wa USA
18 Delashmutt Cynthia Pleasant Valley IA USA
18 Doyle Kristina Jessica Santa Clarita CA USA
18 Gaudet Nicole Sherwood Park Alberta Canada
18 Gilson S. Kei Studio City CA USA
18 Hswe Marcus Spring City PA USA
18 Jackson Bev London London UK
18 Martijn Alfred Elversele (Temse) none Belgium
18 Smith Kristen-Delaina Vernon BC Canada
18 Turner Jeffrey North Richland Hills TX USA
18 van valer kim franklin in usa
18 White Charles na na na
18 Wilson Katherine Lebanon OR USA








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