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heat 2

GENRE - Historical Fiction

SUBJECT - Cannibalism



#1 **FINALIST** 'There will be a feast tonight' by Stuart Creque  SYNOPSIS - THERE WILL BE A FEAST TONIGHT - The captain’s log of a 19th century sailing ship contains a description of the crew’s horrific encounter with the natives of Fiji. The Captain resolves to repay the Fijian’s hospitality in kind.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Doctor and the Cannibal' by Rebecca Glass  SYNOPSIS - In late 18th century France, a peasant named Jacques is asked by his employer, Doctor Guillotin, to help dispose of a condemned cannibal by means of a new-fangled contraption known as the HUMANE DEATH MACHINE. Jacques' response will change his life and alter the course of French history forever...

#3 'A Bride for the Anasazi' by Myers David  SYNOPSIS - Keres, of the Chaco tribe, struggles to stop the Anasazi basket maker Tewa from stealing his promised bride Zuni. In so doing, Keres discovers a terrible secret and commits a heinous act.

#4 'Alberta's Birthday' by Karla Rogers  SYNOPSIS - A young girl endures scorn, makes a birthday wish and takes part in an historic day.

#5 'Savage Life' by Cynthia Cravens  SYNOPSIS - In fin de siècle Boston, a young society woman learns the difference between old money and new money when the powerful forces of progress, science, and reform threaten to destroy the genteel tradition of manners she’s not ready to abandon.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
2 Bandura Samantha Wausau WI USA
2 Bostock Terri Bishopsteignton Devon UK
2 Cravens Cynthia Chicago IL USA
2 Creque Stuart Moraga CA USA
2 Doyle Lauren Plantation FL USA
2 Elliott Debra Fountain Colorado USA
2 Fletcher Donald Jacksonville Florida USA
2 Glass Rebecca Bronx NY USA
2 Hidlebaugh Lisa Pleasanton Texas USA
2 Lubman Jeremy Red Hook NY USA
2 Mattison Overstreet Corri Berwyn IL USA
2 McArdle Sarah Atlanta GA USA
2 McCollum Bob St Louis MO USA
2 Myers David Kew VIC Australia
2 Redfern Bernadette Buckingham Buckinghamshire UK
2 Rice Lori Portland OR USA
2 Rogers Karla Sunnyvale CA USA
2 Simpson Christine Tinton Falls NJ USA
2 Tate John Dallas Texas USA
2 von Bosau Laura Arlington MA USA
2 Weber John New York NY USA








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