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heat 20

GENRE - Horror

SUBJECT - A metal detector



#1 **FINALIST** 'Terror in the Trenches' by Ashley Morrow  SYNOPSIS - Jack, an American surgeon in Belgium during World War I, creates a metal detector to help locate bullets in his brother’s body. While the detector works, it does not exactly “save” his brother.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Legion of Hell' by Derrick Garvin  SYNOPSIS - A battle fatigued American solider returns home from Afghanistan, only to discover that he is being recruited to lead an elite legion from Hell.

#3 'The Plumber' by Vanessa Elmer  SYNOPSIS - What if a metal detector could detect guilt and fear? The instrument then might just be able to expose the inner rage of a quiet maniac.

#4 'But He Plays One on TV' by Kott Ruthie  SYNOPSIS - A new sheriff’s in town, and the townspeople are smitten. But, with a series of gruesome murders, one man sees through his celebrity status.

"#5 'Tin Man' by Dale Howard  SYNOPSIS - Thomas has to search his body with a metal detector after coming in contact with a machine that tried to kill him. If he is infected by the creature, he himself will change into the monster.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
20 Allerton Noah Virginia Beach Virginia USA
20 Cuthrell Tamara Argyle TX USA
20 Elmer Vanessa Washington DC USA
20 Enyedy Endre Miami Fl USA
20 Fletcher Blakley Houston TX USA
20 Garvon Derrick East Orange nj USA
20 Gilbertson Drew Lake Stevens Washington USA
20 Howard Dale Boulder CO USA
20 Howze Dana Mays Landing New Jersey USA
20 Kott Ruthie Chicago IL USA
20 Lucke Lisa Jackson CA USA
20 MacLellan Julie New Westminster BC Canada
20 Maggetti Megan Royal Oak MI USA
20 Martin Geraldine BUNGENDORE NSW Australia
20 Mohseni Imants Potomac MD USA
20 Morrow Ashley San Diego CA USA
20 Post John Russellville AR USA
20 Russell Douglas Stanley NC USA
20 Searle Geoff Aston End Hertfordshire UK
20 Swanson Paul Everett WA USA









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