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heat 21

GENRE - Fairy Tale

SUBJECT - Tree Cutting



#1 **FINALIST** 'Zahira and the Zephyr Tree' by Mercedes Segesvary   SYNOPSIS - When a King judges his daughter for a false exterior worth, he loses sight of her true inner beauty. He orders a spell to be cast that will alter her appearance but the answer to his dilemma is not that easy. The king has his daughter locked away in the West Tower until the day he feels she is no longer ugly. But, with the help of Royo, a simple wood working artisan, and the compassionate Zephyr tree a spell is broken that will set the Princess free.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Old, the Young' by Chantal James  SYNOPSIS - After the war, a cowardly young man climbs a hill in a last effort at bravery.

#3 'The Dark Forest' by John MacDonald  SYNOPSIS - A young warriors quest for immortality.

#4 'When a Tree Falls in The Woods' by Robert Bixler  SYNOPSIS - Jack likes to cut trees. The faeries have a Tree problem.

"#5 'Charlatan' by Lauren Cannon  SYNOPSIS - Synopsis: A group of hippie “seers” heads to the mountains in order to prepare for the coming fate of the world, unofficially led by a charismatic young man with ulterior motives.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
21 Bixler Robert Midland MI USA
21 Cannon Lauren Brooklyn New York USA
21 Duplessis Jessye Missoula MT USA
21 Haines John-Michael Georgetown Texas USA
21 Hall John Wiolton CT USA
21 Harling Ruth Salisbury Wiltshire UK
21 James Chantal Atlanta GA USA
21 Jenkins Diane Chatham Kent UK
21 La Coa Manassa Miami Fl USA
21 Luke Wilson Chicago IL USA
21 MacDonald Jake Watertown MA USA
21 McCoy Ronald East St Kilda VIC Australia
21 Mendelsohn Jacob Brooklyn NY USA
21 Meurer Jeff Naperville IL USA
21 Noel Maura Santa Cruz CA USA
21 Roman Nelson Clearwater FL USA
21 Segesvary Mercedes San Francisco CA USA
21 shearer nicholas falkirk stirlingshire UK
21 Wilson Karen York North Yorkshire UK
21 Zachariadou Ntina na na na









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