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heat 24

GENRE - Historical Fiction

SUBJECT - A street vendor



#1 **FINALIST** 'George, Louise ... Elsa' by Adam Zang  SYNOPSIS - When a man returns home from World War II, he struggles to acclimate to life with his wife and the daughter he has named but never met. The family must learn to cope with his past before their inability to communicate drives them apart.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Artist of Union Square' by Paul Comeau  SYNOPSIS - A gifted young boy’s first encounter with street life in New York City

#3 'Stand and Deliver' by Casey Callahan  SYNOPSIS - The story imagines a meeting between a bloodthirsty mining town street pimp and Mark Twain while the author was working for a Virginia City newspaper during the silver rush of 1863.

#4 'The Green in Front of The Bearing' by Matthew Weber  SYNOPSIS - A young man unfit for service in World War 2 and unwanted at home finds his place.

#5 'Zeroics' by Jonathan Carr  SYNOPSIS - A self conscious young woman battles with her first experience with the big city and through conversation learns a great deal about the bigger problems in the world.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
24 Bove Scott Bethlehem PA USA
24 Byfield Karl Manchester Greater Manchester UK
24 Callahan Casey San Francisco CA USA
24 Carr Jonathan Simi Valley CA USA
24 Church Darrin Longview WA USA
24 Comeau Paul East Hartford CT USA
24 Eskin David Falls Church VA USA
24 Fowler Gail Claymont DE USA
24 Grinstead Jennifer Lake Forest Park WA USA
24 Herman Jennifer Philadelphia PA USA
24 Mairs Tom Calgary Alberta Canada
24 McCormick Ria New York New York USA
24 Miller Alexis Marlboro MA USA
24 Overbey Mary na na na
24 Servin Karla San Diego CA USA
24 Sutton Raphael Sao Paulo SP Brazil
24 Taylor Eric Bloomfield New Jersey USA
24 Weber Matthew Chicago IL USA
24 Williams Allen Boston Massachusetts USA
24 Zang Adam Seattle WA USA








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