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heat 27

GENRE - Mystery

SUBJECT - An office memo



#1 **FINALIST** 'I Need to Know You're With Me on This' by Trevor Fraser  SYNOPSIS - An office memo tries to discover what it might say throughout a chaotic day.

#2 **FINALIST** 'MD' by Bruno Zalubil  SYNOPSIS - Everybody becomes a suspect when a forgotten gym bag lands an American businessman in the middle of a deadly web of international espionage.

#3 'Knock 'Em Dead' by Jon Fleming  SYNOPSIS - Jack Germaine is a fast-rising ad-exec at the Fortune 100 firm of Hendry & Pruitt. Only one thing can derail his promising career, and itís in the trunk.

#4 'On Purpose' by Ryan Campbell  SYNOPSIS - When Hiller arrives to work, he discovers that tech has taken his computer for an upgrade, but incriminating documents on his hard drive could threaten his job if discovered. Why didn't he get the memo notifying him of an upgrade, and how can he save his job?

#5 'Death Note' by Edward Cates  SYNOPSIS - A woman is brutally murdered and Detective Sam Sacks is determined to solve the case. Can a note from the deceased be the key to catching her killer?



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
27 Allen Lesley La Lucerne d'Outremer Manche France
27 Barker Jenna Hudson Falls NY USA
27 Campbell Ryan Campbell CA USA
27 Cates Edward Arlington VA USA
27 Ellison Janette Wappingers Falls, NY USA
27 Fleming Jon St. Petersburg FL USA
27 Fraser Trevor Orlando FL USA
27 Garcia Adam Ridgewood NY USA
27 Huo Tasha Brighton MA USA
27 Jones Leah Lockhart Texas USA
27 Laichas Sarah Cincinnati OH USA
27 McDermott Maggie Old Lyme CT USA
27 Morales Joseph Chicago IL USA
27 Pandolas Marc Anthony Carmel NY USA
27 Rome Michael Marietta GA USA
27 Sowards Catharine Northridge CA USA
27 Straus Drew San Francisco CA USA
27 Whitney Dana San Francisco CA USA
27 Wineman Samuel na na na
27 Zalubil Bruno Brno Moravia Czech Republic








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