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heat 28

GENRE - Romantic Comedy

SUBJECT - A rainbow



#1 **FINALIST** 'Of Love and Lunch, A Tale of Two Hearts and the Stomachs that Got in Their Way' by Anders Fischer  SYNOPSIS - This is the star-crossed love story of a vegan named Rainbow, who discovers her boyfriend has certain dietary malfeasances when he cooks her dinner. Can their relationship survive this philosophical discord?

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Difference Between Cowboys and Clowns' by Loree Westron  SYNOPSIS - Dakota Styrone was certain that if only she could win the Tri-State Barrel Racing Championships she could also win the heart of Lyle Crabtree, All Round Cowboy of the Year. Fate, though, had other plans.

#3 'Oh Boy' by Andrew Wood  SYNOPSIS - A woman's roommate realizes how much he loves her.

#4 'Chasing Rainbows in Florsheim Shoes' by Lindsey Anthony  SYNOPSIS - A young man whose marriage proposal has just been turned down by his girlfriend of four years, discovers that perhaps his ideal companion lies in his crude and arrogant best friend.

#5 'Ted and Margot Quit Their Day Jobs' by Pam Nieder  SYNOPSIS - Sex in the afternoon goes awry. Our four, would be lovers, travel Over the Rainbow, to new resolutions and rekindled love.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
28 Anthony Lindsey Piscataway New Jersey USA
28 Bolick Danielle Arden NC USA
28 Colangelo Joseph Deerfield Beach Florida USA
28 Eaton Kristin San Diego CA USA
28 Fischer Anders Boston MA USA
28 Gelinas John Redding CT USA
28 Grillo Gloria Fort Mill SC USA
28 Kilmer Vanessa Delran NJ USA
28 McBride Joe West Chester Pennsylvania USA
28 Nieder Pamela Dallas TX USA
28 Pepoon William Roseville CA USA
28 Pottenger Ray San Antonio TX USA
28 Smith Katie Harding Danvers MA USA
28 Smith Heidi Carlsbad CA USA
28 Stambolian Rich Flushing NY USA
28 Stein Kaila Beachwood OH USA
28 Weaver David Liverpool Merseyside UK
28 Westron Loree Portsmouth Hants England
28 White Kris Thom Vancouver BC Canada
28 WoodSA Andrew Victorville CA USA








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