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heat 29

GENRE - Sci-Fi

SUBJECT - Garbage collection



#1 **FINALIST** 'The Ebony Mandate' by Judy Tsuei  SYNOPSIS - George, a simple refiner at the Felan Disposal Service company, works nights away the emotional garbage people of people on his route.

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Man in Desmond Quarry' by William Martinez  SYNOPSIS - Strange things happen in the town of salvation.

#3 'The Human Way' by Kurt Schnatz  SYNOPSIS - During sunrise, a lonely, hard working man battles delusion and confrontation with a supernatural light after coming home from work.

#4 'And They Lived Happily Ever After, Truly' by Catherine Noble  SYNOPSIS - When Leon and Ferdinand are fired as garbage truck drivers, they plot to sabotage the pneumatic pipe garbage collection system that replaces them, with unforeseen consequences.

#5 'The Machine' by Leslie Ann Campbell  SYNOPSIS - Seventy-five years after a foreign power has conquered the U.S. and banned the English language, one English language library remains, and the Captain of a misfit unit is ordered to demolish its contents. The Captain is drawn to these books for reasons he can’t understand, and he and a Private risk all for these “foreign” books which become the source of cohesiveness for the entire unit.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
29 Altruda Elisabeth Manalapan New Jersey USA
29 Barbee Thomas Chicago IL USA
29 Campbell Leslie Ann Mobile AL USA
29 Carton Jesse San Francisco CA USA
29 Decaneas Alex Jersey City NJ USA
29 Diakopoulos Christopher New York NY USA
29 Estrada Alan Monterrey Nuevo Leon Mexico
29 Hepcakar Sinan Staten Island NY USA
29 Hobbs Matthew Cave Creek AZ USA
29 Hrin Amy Vista CA USA
29 Loren BAuman Lewisville North Carolina USA
29 Manlove-Sanders Alisha Portland Ore. usa
29 Marquart Megan West Chester PA USA
29 Martin Zuzelin na na na
29 Martinez Will Castaic CA USA
29 McElligott Drew La Grange Park IL USA
29 Michael Cardini Brick New Jersey USA
29 Noble Catherine Portland OR USA
29 Schnatz Kurt lindenhurst NY USA
29 Tsuei Judy santa monica CA USA








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