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heat 30

GENRE - Romantic Comedy

SUBJECT - A mail order bride



#1 **FINALIST** 'The Dignity of Wishful Thoughts' by Kenan Christiansen  SYNOPSIS - Wei Lei loses her family and through the help of an old cultural practice, finds acceptance in another.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Great Expectations.Com' by Thomas (Tom) Walker  SYNOPSIS - It is a modern variation on an old theme: Boy meets prospective bride online. Through nothing but emailed letters back and forth they do decide to marry, but the anonymity of the internet permits distortions that, upon discovery, are not only shockingly unsettling, but also result in the involved parties reacting in unexpected ways.

#3 'My Dearest Galina' by Joe Dornich  SYNOPSIS - This is the story of a deceitful letter writer, posing as Galina, an available Russian bride. When one of Galina’s suitors insists on meeting her, he must scramble to make things right.

#4 'FedEx to Denmark' by Vanessa Garcia  SYNOPSIS - A transgender woman, who delivers newspapers for a living, finds love in a floral, Americanized version of Denmark.

#5 'Male Order Love' by Madeline McCully  SYNOPSIS - A lonely writer applies to a Pen Pal agency run by Sam for someone with whom to share, with a possible view to marriage. He is paired with Ann and falls in love but when he plans to meet Sam and Ann in New York at the launch of his latest novel he is unaware of the surprise in store for him.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
30 Adler Jonathan Bayside NY USA
30 Burhans Judith Huntsville AL USA
30 Chris Maley Denver CO USA
30 Christiansen Kenan Pasco WA USA
30 Doose Taylor Salt Lake City Utah USA
30 Dornich Joe Los Angeles CA USA
30 Faulkner E. L. Harpers Ferry WV USA
30 Garcia Vanessa Miami Fl USA
30 Goodman Rachel Wayne PA USA
30 Hedgepeth Steven Sioux Falls SD USA
30 Jeremiah Takahata Houston tx USA
30 McCully Madeline Londonderry N.Ireland UK
30 Mobley Douglas Nashville TN USA
30 Newhouse Cregan Lynnwood WA USA
30 Neyra Luimar miami fl USA
30 Sigmund Christopher Austin TX USA
30 Walker Thomas Keller TX USA
30 Walker Mel Queens NY usa
30 Wheeler Sarah High Wycombe Bucks UK
30 Wielenga Laurie Brea CA USA








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