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heat 5

GENRE - Horror

SUBJECT - A bus stop



#1 **FINALIST** 'Fear of the Dark' by Karen Lawrence  SYNOPSIS - A malevolent force pursues a young man cross-country, lurking in shadows and killing indiscriminately.

#2 **FINALIST** 'A Safe Place' by Ryan Riskowski  SYNOPSIS - A man travels to a small town to reunite with his estranged wife, only to discover that her father has different plans for his trip.

#3 'Buses and Planes' by Candace Coulombe  SYNOPSIS - As a centenarian waits at his bus stop, a memorable and menacing man weaves a true tale of a crime gone wrong.

#4 'Hung' by Mathew Strowbridge  SYNOPSIS - Years earlier a young boy (Daniel) had died after being gagged and hung up from a bus stop. Those involved remember the event and how it came about.

"#5 'The Waterworks Man' by Judy Clarence  SYNOPSIS -
The Waterworks Man : Waiting at a bus stop on their way to their violin lessons, two young girls encounter The Waterworks Man, whose deadly obsession with the City’s water supply has roots in his twisted theology.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
5 Bader Jeffrey Clayton DE USA
5 Bauch Chelsea Washington DC USA
5 Blackman Natalie Radlett Hertfordshire England
5 Clarence Judy Berkeley CA USA
5 Coulombe Candace Leigh Sacramento CA USA
5 Day Caitlin na na na
5 Dion Derek Cedar park Texas USA
5 Hayden Tyler Redondo Beach CA USA
5 Kinrade Kimberly Hidden Valley Lake CA USA
5 Lawrence Karen New York NY USA
5 Leary James Pasadena CA USA
5 Maclean Frances Brooklyn New York USA
5 Mahoney Annie York ON Canada
5 Meza Rose Escondido CA USA
5 Ochs Elisabeth San Francisco CA USA
5 Riskowski Ryan Austin TX USA
5 Smooch Pinky Robertsbridge East Sussex UK
5 Strowbridge Mathew London London UK
5 Syck Gary KIrkland WA USA
5 West Timothy Columbus Ohio USA
5 Wilbur Bill Chino Hills CA USA









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