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heat 6

GENRE - Historical Fiction

SUBJECT - A prison cell



#1 **FINALIST** 'Honor' by Ian Wells  SYNOPSIS - A dishonored samurai, now imprisoned, muses upon the circumstances that have ruined his life.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Will of the Walls' by  SYNOPSIS - A prisoner escapes his hellish imprisonment only to discover that he cannot escape from death.

#3 'Remains of Today' by Darcy Stoltzfus  SYNOPSIS - The Great Depression proves to be a hard ship for more than just the working class.

#4 'Call Me Sparky' by R.S. Guthrie  SYNOPSIS - From the handwritten transcription of an illegal recording perpetrated against Jack Leon “Sparky” Ruby (a.k.a. Jacob Rubenstein) by then Dallas Chief of Police Jesse Curry (tape unrecovered, margin notes indicate source). Pages discovered by Curry family members retrieving belongings after the decorated officer’s death, the pages hidden beneath several miscellaneous documents and numerous pictures of Curry’s deceased dog, Sheba, now believed to be the same animal rescued from Ruby’s parked automobile several days after the murder of Lee Harvey Oswald.

#5 'Foreclosure' by Ashlie Schweitzer  SYNOPSIS - This story is about a Vietnam veteran remembering an unsettling event from the war. The prison he finds himself in is a foxhole, but he is also trapped by his own failure to move on and acclimate back into society after he comes home.



Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
6 Adams Benjamin Thousand Oaks CA USA
6 Bharti Andre Toronto Ontario Canada
6 Byrd Orlando New York NY USA
6 Ellingham Linda George Town Grand Cayman Cayman Islands
6 Festa Paul Coppell TX USA
6 Flanagan James London London UK
6 Guthrie Robert Parker CO USA
6 Hejny Peter El Granada CA USA
6 Johns Christopher Spanaway WA USA
6 Lund Stuart Durham Shadforth UK
6 McCarthy Stuart Norwich Norfolk England
6 Petrine Janet Elmhurst IL USA
6 Pewitt John Nashville TN USA
6 Raimo Matthew Bronx New York USA
6 Scavo Victoria Hoboken NJ USA
6 Schweitzer Ashlie Englewood CO USA
6 Smith Kendall Englewood CO usa
6 Starwalt Jonathon Portland OR USA
6 Stoltzfus Darcy Pittsburgh Pa USA
6 Wells Ian Boston MA USA
6 William Harris Nutley NJ USA









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