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heat 7

GENRE - Comedy




#1 **FINALIST** 'Lincoln's Assassination' by Christine Walsh  SYNOPSIS - A school must grapple with the use of a real gun in their upcoming theatrical production... maybe

#2 **FINALIST** 'Stunned' by Jim Dickson  SYNOPSIS - An inventor secures his first big break, but unknown to him, sells his latest product to a band of criminals. He is enlisted to help train the thieves, and in the process, barely survives as he is unwittingly recruited to aid in their dastardly plans.

#3 'Scooper' by Alex Tima  SYNOPSIS - A pistol descending from a long line of infamous pistol ancestry decides suicide is his only option because of his continuous failures that have created a blemish on his family’s legendary past.

#4 'The Dress Code' by Sarika Sharma  SYNOPSIS - A cowboy and his unlikely partner fight evil in the Human Resources Department.

#5 'Babs' Inheritance' by Janelle Kingsley  SYNOPSIS - Though Babs babbles, her partner Sukey doesn’t really sulk when they receive information that Babs has inherited something from her crazy old Uncle Bart. A visit to a psychic reveals nothing, but once the objects Babs inherits arrive, her creative juices begin to flow while Sukey risks her job to research the value of the inheritance.




Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
7 Buchanan Bo Montgomery IL USA
7 Carlock Tamie Fillmore IL USA
7 Dickson Jim Scottsdale Az USA
7 Elrich Marc na na na
7 Francis Michel Abu Dhabi Abu Dhabi UAE
7 Frketic Allen Ingelheim Rhineland-Pfalz Germany
7 Graziano Suzanne Astoria New York USA
7 Harris Lizabeth Chicago IL USA
7 Headon Jill Dana Point CA USA
7 Hicks CK Omaha NE USA
7 King Neil Victoria Newfoundland Canada
7 Kingsley Janelle Seattle WA USA
7 Legg Mary Grace Denver CO USA
7 Mann Jennifer Torrance CA USA
7 O'Donnell Matthew Oakland CA USA
7 Rosenberg Eli Brooklyn NY USA
7 Sharma Sarika Addison IL USA
7 Tima Alex pasadena ca usa
7 Walsh Christine Boston MA USA
7 Wiecek Andrew Garwood NJ USA
7 Wilson Kelly Tempe AZ USA









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