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heat 8

GENRE - Ghost Story

SUBJECT - A wedding dress



#1 **FINALIST** 'The Protector' by Joe Osgood  SYNOPSIS - Destiny and handwriting can be the hardest things to understand.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Off-White' by Sue Nelson  SYNOPSIS - A ghost, trapped in the mirror of a bridal shop, is haunted by women preparing for their weddings.
#3 'Keepsake' by Emily Smith sfa282@yahoo.com SYNOPSIS - A secret that spans several generations shines a new light for an unsuspecting woman with a difficult decision to make.

#4 'Boon' by John Shade  SYNOPSIS - An aging gunman legendary for his luck may find himself on the wrong side of a dice roll.

#5 'The Conversation' by Doug Drowley  SYNOPSIS - A woman is surprised to discover that a conversation she has with an old rival for her husbandís affections is not actually taking place, after she realizes that her rival in fact killed her 42 years ago, on the eve of her wedding. A storm four decades later uncovers the evidence of that crime and leads to the demise of the murderer and the reunification of the protagonist and the man who never became her husband.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
8 Buchanan Susan Brooklyn NY USA
8 Carey Kristin Danville Ca USA
8 Castillo Bryan Ann Arbor MI USA
8 Clegg John na na na
8 Dawn Dais Sacramento CA USA
8 Drowley Doug Renton Washington USA
8 Dunn Michael Dolton Illinois USA
8 hehir brian galway conaught ireland
8 Hughes Nicholas San Francisco CA USA
8 Jones Candice Brooklyn New York USA
8 Lagace Michael Vancouver BC Canada
8 Luckey Jaime Atlanta GA USA
8 Meybohm Wilfried KANNAPOLIS NC USA
8 Nelson Sue Wheathampstead Herts UK
8 Noonan Timothy Pasadena CA USA
8 Osgood Joe Chicago IL USA
8 Sasse Stephanie Portland OR USA
8 Shade John Sugar Land TX USA
8 Smith Emily Alexandria VA USA
8 Thorson John Brattleboro Vermont USA
8 Weber Bruce Seattle WA USA









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