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heat 9

GENRE - Romance

SUBJECT - A medical prescription



#1 **FINALIST** 'The Portuguese Cafe' by Liz Hobbs  SYNOPSIS - A young man coming to terms with mental illness finds hope in the kindness of a mysterious waitress.

#2 **FINALIST** 'Heartfelt Goodbye' by Jason DeRose  SYNOPSIS - Is it evil to have loved evil? Follow an Elder and his Lady, along with the rest of their devious cult, as they knock upon the very doors to Hell.

#3 'In Life and Death, All is Vanity' by Shelley Desormeaux  SYNOPSIS - A middle-aged physician chases youth and beauty, but not for herself.

#4 'He's Not Here' by Emily Seder  SYNOPSIS - Two diverging paths meet in a spectacular way when an ill man must choose between a love he will never have again and the overwhelming innate need for sanity that is only possible with the very medication that will tear his love apart.

#5 'A New Script' by Gillian Morrison  SYNOPSIS - Two neighbours address the space between them, helped by a change of medical prescription.


Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
9 adams desiree Pasadena CA USA
9 Ashton Kerry na na na
9 Blackwell Jennifer San Diego CA USA
9 Bradley Gregory Avondale AZ USA
9 DeRose Jason South Plainfield New Jersey USA
9 Desormeaux Shel Etobicoke Ontario Canada
9 Hobbs Liz Thames Ditton Surrey UK
9 Hutchinson Sandra Boston MA USA
9 King Aaris Rancho Santa Margarita CA USA
9 Koprowski Amanda Greenville DE USA
9 Lueker-Tarango Erika Chicago IL USA
9 Morrison Gillian Edinburgh Midlothian UK
9 OFlaherty Christina Atlanta GA USA
9 Raker James Longwood Florida USA
9 Romberger Honesta Harrisburg Pennsylvania USA
9 Salcido David J. Wapato Washington USA
9 Schuld Dan Chicago IL USA
9 Seder Emily Long Beach CA USA
9 Sifer Ashley Los Angeles CA USA
9 Thompson Jennifer Dublin Lenster Ireland
9 Wisneski Kimberly St. Louis MO USA








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