The Short Story Challenge 2009 is an international creative writing competition, now in it's 3rd year, that challenges participants to create original short stories in as little as 24 hours.  The event is organized by NYC Midnight Movie Making Madness, an organization dedicated to discovering and promoting a new wave of talented storytellers.  NYC Midnight aims to provide the prizes and exposure necessary for writers to take their next big step towards writing professionally.


Past winners are pictured below:




Adam Zang (Seattle, WA, USA)


Winning Stories - “Where No One Belongs” (Historical Fiction) and “Raising Awareness” (Ghost Story)


Click here to read the interview with Adam




Jacqueline Brown (New York, NY, USA)


Winning Stories - “Hortense and the Heir” (Fairy Tale) and “Chocolat Amer” (Drama)


Click here to read the interview with Jacqueline




Special thanks to our judges:  Kelly Barnhill, Lisa Bower, Eva Hamilton, Matthew Heiti, Jennifer LaMoureaux, Dustin Luke Nelson, Tina Radcliffe, Michael Ugulini, and Crystal Wood.





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