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Anyone may compete from anywhere in the world

There are 2 rounds

1st Round (January 16-24, 2009) :  Writers are placed randomly in heats.  Each heat is assigned a genre and a subject (ex. comedy : competing lemonade stands or horror : a family reunion).

Writers have 1 week to write an original short story (2,500 words max).

Winners are chosen from the 1st Round to advance to the 2nd round and compete for thousands in cash and prizes.

2nd Round (March 13-14, 2009) :  All of the writers receive the same genre and subject at midnight (EST time) and have just 24 hours to write an original short story.

A panel of judges review the final round stories and winners are chosen!


Congratulations to all of the writers for rising to the challenge and for submitting such unique and inventive stories in both rounds of the competition this year!



Click here to view the 1st Round Assignments and Results.



Congratulations to the winners, especially Adam Zang, who has become the only writer to win more than one NYC Midnight writing competition, and in back to back years!


#1 - 'Clockwise' by Adam Zang  SYNOPSIS - The moving island he lives on is barely big enough to hold twelve houses, but when a young man investigates the inner-workings of his neighbors, he realizes that there is a darker mechanism at work behind their methodical lives.

#2 - 'A Planned Community' by Rachel Carey  SYNOPSIS - A moon settler becomes angry with his disruptive new neighbors, who are several thousand miles away.

#3 - 'Notes on an Experiment' by Erin Thomas  SYNOPSIS - Chloe’s getting older every single day, but Darin never seems to change. Loneliness is a force of nature.

#4 - 'Freedom' by Bruno Zalubil  SYNOPSIS - When the electricity goes out, the social structure of a small industrial city in central Europe dissolves into a dystopian wasteland and the residents of an apartment building are forced into a struggle for survival that exposes their hidden personalities, challenges their political ideologies and becomes a microcosm for the first battle in a new international war for global power.

#5 - 'The End of Things' by Chantal James  SYNOPSIS - Life-long enemies choose to sit out the end of the world together.

#6 - 'Jesus Boy' by Jan Chapman  SYNOPSIS - A boy finds magic in a parallel universe. All he needs is a simple tone and some altered atoms to find his way there.

#7 - 'Neighbors' by Ashley Skabar  SYNOPSIS - We hold on to our pasts the way the moon holds its own shadow.

#8 - 'Horizon' by Liz Hobbs  SYNOPSIS - Are the descendants of Earth’s last survivors really alone on their Waterstation? This is perhaps a question that only the faithful can answer.

#9 - 'Walls Make for Short Space' by Beryl Baker  SYNOPSIS - Three hunters of alien life forces are out on a stake-out. When it comes to alien warfare, no weapon is wrong.

#10 - 'Android Casting Call' by Tabitha Kenlon  SYNOPSIS - When an intergalactic theatre impresario decides to make an opera out of an iconic book, a battle for audiences, actors, and resurrected composers begins.

Honorable Mention - 'AMITA' by Mercedes Segesvary  SYNOPSIS - When Zahira moves into her new apartment she tries desperately to meet her new neighbors. But their illusive behavior mixed with a mysterious penthouse occupant’s passion thrusts her into a world of sound and image far beyond her human comprehension but a necessary journey in her own evolution.

Honorable Mention - 'Good morning starshine, the Earth says hello' by Fiona Mackie  SYNOPSIS - Amoral aliens arrive on Earth and, while trying to maintain that they are good neighbours, feed on the minds of humans, even the Scots!

Honorable Mention - 'Good Voids Make Good Neighbors' by Trevor Fraser  SYNOPSIS - One man learns the consequences of not keeping his interplanetary space up to code.

Honorable Mention - 'Honey, I Ate The Neighbours' by Andrew Perry  SYNOPSIS - Being a zombie wasn’t so bad. It was the diet that got tricky.

Honorable Mention - 'Kristy Dreams of Evergreens' by Loree Westron  SYNOPSIS - In Fred and Arlene's world, poverty, ill-health, and unemployment are things of the past, but more than anything, daughter Kristy wants to see a living tree.

Honorable Mention - 'Max and Me' by Rachael Dunlop  SYNOPSIS - Two thirds of the world has been flooded and natural resources are getting scarce. As the authorities take drastic measures to ensure the survival of mankind, an unlikely friendship forms in an almost empty New York apartment building.

Honorable Mention - 'Moving Out' by Josh Raisher  SYNOPSIS - A strange housemate moves in for a week.

Honorable Mention - 'Neighbors in Time' by Jack Dais  SYNOPSIS - Fleeing a plague on Earth, two travelers are marooned on the same ship, and in love. But they may never meet.

Honorable Mention - 'The Better and Purplish Neighbor' by Zachary Mann  SYNOPSIS - When an email bomb goes off next door to his housing unit, Les finds himself in danger of losing everything. A friendly neighbor saves the day in more ways than one.

Honorable Mention - 'The Neighborhood Drink' by Joe Osgood  SYNOPSIS - At a prison in the far corner of space, an unlikely friendship has the universe on edge.



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