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Group 4


Challenge #3 Assignment

Genre:  Fantasy

Location:  A computer repair shop

Object:  A roll of toilet paper


Submission Instructions

The stories are due at 11:59PM EST on Sunday, October 17th.  When you are ready to submit your story, click here.  You will be asked to fill out information about your story and will be given simple upload and e-mail instructions.  Good luck!


Group Participants

2nd : Group Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
4 Alexander Annesophia Saint Petersburg FL US
4 Baker Tim Chesterland OH US
4 Berkowitz Leah Durham NC US
4 Boham Brett Ardmore PA US
4 Christian Catherine San Leandro CA US
4 Cleary Rhona Paris   FR
4 Grant Michael San Francisco CA US
4 Hart Meagan Baltimore MD US
4 Lehane Darren Croydon Surrey GB
4 Lowe Greg San Diego CA US
4 Marie Erika Portland OR US
4 Niederhaus Samantha Albuquerque NM US
4 Parker Liz Blaine MN US
4 Sather Katherine Seattle WA US
4 Seewer-Reynolds Anjie Ashland OR US
4 Taylor Hannah Austin TX US
4 Thomas Jr George Seattle WA US
4 Viren Melinda culver city CA US
4 Whitney Dana San Francisco CA US
4 Zbrizher Tamara  Montclair NJ US




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