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Group 5


Challenge #3 Assignment

Genre:  Drama

Location:  A race track

Object:  A laser pointer


Submission Instructions

The stories are due at 11:59PM EST on Sunday, October 17th.  When you are ready to submit your story, click here.  You will be asked to fill out information about your story and will be given simple upload and e-mail instructions.  Good luck!


Group Participants

2nd : Group Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
5 Achey Sarah Carbondale CO US
5 Biondolillo Chelsea Phoenix AZ US
5 Blackwell Jennifer San Diego CA US
5 Clark Jessica Calgary Alberta CA
5 Davis Joel berkeley CA US
5 Evans Maurice Pflugerville TX US
5 Feindert Kerstin Rancho Cordova CA US
5 Fraser Trevor Hotchkiss CO US
5 Fuller Karin South Charleston WV US
5 Grant Natalie Cupertino CA US
5 Hansen AnneMarie Rockville MD US
5 Kaufman Joseph Monona WI US
5 Kuyper Elizabeth Long Beach CA US
5 Levasseur Jean Wakefield MA US
5 Li Mary Warren MI US
5 McChesney O'Toole Megan Toronto Ontario CA
5 O'Kicki Mary Palo Alto CA US
5 Quental Kimberly Pawtucket RI US
5 Turecek Meg Portland OR US
5 Watters Damon Ventura CA US



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