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● Anyone may compete from anywhere in the world.

● There are a total of 4 writing challenges and everyone is guaranteed to participate in at least 2 challenges.

● In each challenge, writers have 2 days to complete a 1,000 word story based on an assigned genre, location, and object.

● In the 1st Round, all of the registered writers are divided into twenty groups.  Everyone participates in 2 writing challenges and are assigned points based on how high they place in each challenge.  The points are added up for both challenges, and the top 5 writers from each group advance to the 2nd Round.  Click here for more on the point system.

● In the 2nd Round, the 100 writers that advanced out of the 1st Round will be divided into 5 groups and will compete in the 3rd writing challenge.  The top 5 writers from each group will advance to the 3rd and final round.

● In the 3rd Round, the 25 writers that advanced out of the 2nd Round will participate in the final writing challenge.  They are assigned a new genre, location, and object and again have 2 days to submit a 1,000 word story.  The judges choose winners and they'll share in thousands in cash and prizes!

Feedback will be provided on all the stories submitted in each of the 4 challenges and a special review forum will be available for writers to post and receive feedback during the judging!







The 3rd and Final Round of the Flash Fiction Challenge 2010 challenged 25 talented writers to create an original short story (1,000 words max.) based on a genre (Open), location (A border crossing), and an object (A mushroom).  Congratulations to the winners listed below and to everyone who competed this year for creating such great stories in each challenge!


#1 'Dusty, With A High Chance of Waves' by Natalie Grant

SYNOPSIS - In a remote Japanese fishing village, one child's darkest fear, the weather, becomes her new best friend... and reveals a forecast for decades to come.

#2 'After the Silence' by Chrys Darkwater

SYNOPSIS - In the quiet moments before the noise, a sniper has a chance to reflect on the difference between what his life was and what it is.

3 'Love Like Black Truffles' by Leah Berkowitz

SYNOPSIS - A young woman returns to her home country after a failed elopement, but her ex-lover isn’t the only thing she has to leave behind to come back home.

#4 'Niagara' by Joel Davis [ Website | Twitter ]

SYNOPSIS - A young woman stops for breakfast on her way back to Canada.

#5 'Crossings' by Jessica Clark

SYNOPSIS - Three individuals meet up at the border and give their first impressions through internal monologues—though their preconceptions of one another are nothing near true.

#6 'A Spirited Discussion' by Jocelyn Rish [ Website ]

SYNOPSIS - A frivolous party girl goes to extremes for one last conversation with her dead grandmother.

#7 'The Crossing' by Shimul Rahim [ Website ]

SYNOPSIS - Soon after the 1947 Partition of India, a young Hindu couple in a border town, fleeing a Muslim mob, tries to make their way across the border to relative safety in India. The couple hides in a tea plantation at the border crossing, where they are surprised by an unexpected addition to the human conflict.

#8 'Annoyance' by Bill Bibo Jr

SYNOPSIS - While waiting out the rain in a seedy bar two men decide to play a game of truth or lie.

#9 'El Burro de Las Cruces' by Michael Grant

SYNOPSIS - An unpredictable game of Follow the Leader in our nation's 51st state.

#10 'Crossing Over' by Josh Goller [ Website ]

SYNOPSIS - Unwilling to see his wife die a vegetable, an elderly man takes the ultimate steps toward escorting her to the other side.



Every registered writer has a great chance to receive feedback.


JUDGES COMMENTS / CRITIQUES: NYC Midnight provides judges' comments and critiques for every entered story in each challenge of the competition.  To view the list of judges, click here.


PEER REVIEW: During the judging, a special Review Forum will be available for the participants to submit their screenplays for review from fellow writers.  During the 2009 Flash Fiction Challenge, there were over 2,700 comments made on the 175+ stories submitted on the forum.  Click here to check out the forums.



  Challenge #1 August 13-15, 2010
  Challenge #2 September 17-19, 2010
  Challenge #3 October 15-17, 2010
  Challenge #4 November 5-7, 2010


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