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Heat 1

Genre:  Ghost Story

Subject:  A truck driver



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Two Timer' by Simon Brown SYNOPSIS - While on his first long haul journey after he finds out his wife has left him for another man, a trucker gets into a conversation with a mysterious woman over his CB Radio. (Heat 1)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Fog' by Shirley (not Arthur) Wachtel SYNOPSIS - A tired truck driver cannot stop reliving his tragic past. On his way home, he is suddenly confronted with a shocking surprise.  (Heat 1)

#3 'The Truck in the Wild' by Jean Levasseur SYNOPSIS - On an unauthorized excursion outside of the Greenwich Quarantine Zone, ten-year-old Adam Parslow finds the ultimate fort in a clearing: a pre-plague tractor trailer truck. A few months later, Adam discovers that hes not the only one interested in the truck. (Heat 1)


#4 'Yoko' by Sunny Giron SYNOPSIS - A woman finds that some special deliveries can help fill an emptiness created by a great loss. (Heat 1)

#5 'Caught In The Cold' by Andrew Wood SYNOPSIS - When a cat searches for a warm place to sleep, a truck driver makes an unknowing mistake and must pay for the consequences. (Heat 1)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
1 Birchfield Rani Dallas TX USA
1 Brown Simon London London UK
1 Bushee Claudia San Francisco CA USA
1 Carlson Susannah Sunnyvale CA USA
1 Cates Edward Arlington VA USA
1 Conant Kimberly Edmonds WA USA
1 Detty Russell Edina MN USA
1 Giron Sunny Seattle WA USA
1 Hansen Shawn Placerville CA USA
1 layne michael angwin ca usa
1 Levasseur Jean Wakefield MA USA
1 Lombino Alex Marie      
1 McQuilkin Eric Portland OR USA
1 Metcalfe Kaylia Santa Cruz CA USA
1 Meyn Ian Redondo Beach CA USA
1 Nelson Kendall Pasadena CA USA
1 Ng Milton Vancouver BC Canada
1 Parker Elizabeth Blaine MN USA
1 Robbins Jason New York NY USA
1 sullivan thomas new york ny usa
1 Wachtel Arthur East Brunswick NJ USA
1 Williams Jen moscow pa USA
1 Wood Andrew Apple Valley CA USA




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