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Heat 11

Genre:  Fantasy

Subject:  A heat wave



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Blood Pearl' by Carolyn Daughters SYNOPSIS - Loosely based on the Grimm tale “Snow White,” Blood Pearl tells the story of a nine-year-old girl who evades a wicked woman in an attempt to hide from her a pearl that represents the hope and possibility of the girl’s future. With the questionable help of a huntsman and a pack of dogs, the girl traverses a desolate land until she is captured by the woman, a scene that leads to a shocking twist. (Heat 11)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Dance of the Spirits' by Holly Simpson SYNOPSIS - The fate of a doomed ship is left to two sailors from two different worlds. Will the lights of the Aurora Borealis show them the way? (Heat 11)

#3 'Bob the Snowflake' by Diana Iversen SYNOPSIS - My story is about a young snowflake about to embark on an exciting adventure. He has come to the age where he is one of many who will be launching out of his home in a cloud to glide to the world below. When one of the snowflakes hears of a rumour that there is a heat wave coming, the whole adventure might have to be put on hold. (Heat 11)

#4 'Two Burnings' by Mary Breaden SYNOPSIS - Videk, mourning the loss of his kinsmen and fearful of the fate of his tribe, sets out for a mountainside plateau in the dead of winter to burn and bury the deceased Elea, a one-time lover of his. Along the journey, he struggles to understand the mysterious changes that are occurring across the land. (Heat 11)

#5 'Always A Done Deal' by Deborah Boller SYNOPSIS - The road to hell isn't always paved with good intentions. (Heat 11)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
11 Appell June Forest Hills New York USA
11 Boller Deborah Oakland CA USA
11 Breaden Mary Portland OR USA
11 Daughters Carolyn Golden CO USA
11 Decaneas Alex Jersey City NJ USA
11 Iversen Diana Doylestown PA usa
11 Jameson Matt Westerville OH USA
11 Katims Lauren Boston Massachusetts USA
11 Lauren Barker Winona MN USA
11 Lopez Michelle Toronto Ontario Canada
11 McCurdy Claire New York NY USA
11 Mendiratta Vinita Ridgewood NJ USA
11 Morris Kyle London London UK
11 Schwambach Dustin Albany NY USA
11 Simpson Holly Atlanta GA USA
11 Sukalac Laura Chandler AZ USA
11 Sykes Patricia New York NY USA
11 Takahata Jeremiah Houston TX USA
11 Therrien Melissa Nanaimo BC Canada
11 walsh christine      
11 Whitney Dana San Francisco CA USA
11 Wisneski Kimberly Middleton WI USA




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