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Heat 12

Genre:  Drama

Subject:  A photographer



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Element(s) of Freedom' by Marian Tuin SYNOPSIS - While in the process of completing a final assignment for her photography class, a young lady takes an unexpected soul journey. (Heat 12)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Snapshots' by Angela Gill SYNOPSIS - An ex-soldier who wants to be a photographer follows his muse to Haiti and discovers the depths of his character. (Heat 12)

#3 'Finding Clarity' by Nitara Dandapani SYNOPSIS - If you had to tell the story of your life in pictures, which would you choose? After being diagnosed with Alzheimer’s, an aging father decides to fight his disease by natural means, and turns to his photography. Against the wishes of his family, he undertakes a hopeful struggle to save his memories and, in the process, preserve a piece of himself. (Heat 12)

#4 'That All Your Work Discloses' by Karen Sumpter SYNOPSIS - An estranged couple’s early morning encounter in a photographer’s gallery brings some long hidden feelings into focus. (Heat 12)

#5 'A Picture is Worth' by Michael Hausser SYNOPSIS - Grieving over the death of his mother, Josh accosts a stranger at the cemetery during her funeral. This seemingly pedestrian encounter could disrupt the services, his memories, and the entire course of his life. (Heat 12)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
12 Alexander Annesophia Saint Petersburg FL USA
12 Belardes Teresa West Hills California USA
12 Blackburn Meghan Morganton NC USA
12 Brooke John Los Barriles Baja California Sur Mexico
12 Creque Stuart Moraga CA USA
12 Dandapani Nitara Alexandria VA USA
12 Drowley Doug Renton WA USA
12 Evans Christopher San Francisco CA USA
12 Garrison Mike Centennial CO USA
12 Gill Angie Madison WI USA
12 Hausser Michael Hillsborough NJ USA
12 Herman Derek Denver CO USA
12 King Lou Mt Juliet TN USA
12 Landis Janet Harleysville PA USA
12 McGuire Michael Lexington MA USA
12 Powilatis Jill West Simsbury CT USA
12 Savage Barbara Lewisville TX USA
12 Schweitzer Ashlie Englewood CO USA
12 Sumpter Karen Cincinnati Ohio USA
12 Tuin Marian Highlands Ranch CO USA
12 Untiedt Marin Denver CO USA
12 Yakovlev Anton Revere MA USA





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