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Heat 15

Genre:  Mystery

Subject:  Used furniture



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'A Man Walks Into A Bar' by Antonio Fasciano SYNOPSIS - An outsider in 1947 NY enters a blue-collar bar and offers to trade rare furniture to fix his truck. As the trap is set in motion, there is no turning back in this tale of murder and wealth. (Heat 15)

#2 **FINALIST** 'The Things She Owned' by C.T. Hutt SYNOPSIS - A girl was sick when she shouldn’t have been. Her story is left in the things closest to her. (Heat 15)

#3 'Thesaurus Green and the Case of the Missing Digits' by David Saslav SYNOPSIS - Victorville’s fifteen-year-old supersleuth known as “Thesaurus Green” is a treasure trove of vocabulary words in red sneakers. So when “Bling” Crosby turns up dead and without his fingers, and a mysteriously-phrased note appears, Thesaurus Green’s on the case to track down the malefactor (a.k.a., "the culprit")! (Heat 15)

#4 'Johnnie Listerine' by Joseph Osgood SYNOPSIS - The mystery of youth can be the toughest crime to solve. (Heat 15)

#5 'Small Talk' by Jonah Goodman SYNOPSIS - A series of gangland murders have taken place, but the bodies are missing, and no deaths can be confirmed. A crematorium worker is visited by a morgue technician, then visits him in turn. On a fishing trip, he makes a strange discovery about the locals. (Heat 15)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
15 Byrne Ryan Richmond TX USA
15 Cherenchick Seth Bridgeville pA USA
15 Costley Geoff Bangkok Bangkok Thailand
15 Doose Taylor Salt Lake City Utah USA
15 Doyle Alex Chapel Hill NC USA
15 Fasciano Antonio Hartsdale NY USA
15 Friberg Marc San Antonio Texas USA
15 Goodman Jonah London London UK
15 Hejny Peter Stillwater MN USA
15 Hettenbach Janet New York NY USA
15 Hood Caroline Alliston Ontario Canada
15 Husain Arif San Francisco CA USA
15 Hutt C.T. Washington DC USA
15 Johnson Brenda Bridgewater MA USA
15 Lazzeroni Tony Washington DC USA
15 Luckey Jaime Atlanta GA USA
15 Miller Joyce Brooklyn NY USA
15 Morrison Gillian Edinburgh Midlothian Scotland
15 Osgood Joseph Wheaton IL USA
15 Saslav David San Francisco CA USA
15 Sheridan Amy San Diego CA USA
15 Stow Chris Mountlake Terrace Washington USA




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