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Heat 16

Genre:  Romance

Subject:  A loan shark



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'Savior' by Teresa Hsiao SYNOPSIS - A young policeman consoles an elderly woman who has lost her husband. The policeman is enraptured by the woman's neighbor, a girl whose own life is shrouded in mystery. (Heat 16)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Shark in Time' by Maxanne Loew SYNOPSIS - A former Loan Shark recounts the story of when he fell in love with an Eastern European beauty and the lesson she taught him. (Heat 16)

#3 'The Truest Mastery' by William Jones SYNOPSIS - A young woman named Rose Shirley walks into the life of Theodore Thomson, money-lender extraodinaire. She unexpectedly loans him a antique, an ancient pen that entwines their lives in ways they can't imagine and didn't know existed. (Heat 16)

#4 'Ticket to Ride' by Lydia Chammas SYNOPSIS - In their hurry to escape severe debt, Annie and Jamesís plan to flee London together is thwarted when they are followed by the loan shark himself. Together on the train, Annie and James must come to terms with their inevitable separation, and the successful escape one, alone. (Heat 16)

#5 'Lucky Star' by Fiona Tuohy SYNOPSIS - An unwilling loan shark gets a chance to save someone he loves. (Heat 16)


Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
16 Bagdadi Daniella Hallandale FL USA
16 Barclay Nadine Bethesda MD USA
16 Chammas Lydia Chevy Chase MD USA
16 Crosier Jourdan Fayetteville Arkansas USA
16 Daniel Carrie Lewes DE USA
16 Eaton Kristin San Diego CA USA
16 Finnerty Jason Victoria bc canada
16 Foster Manx Kingston NY USA
16 Garwood Grace A Blandon Pennsylvania USA
16 Giles Maggie Cambridge MA USA
16 Hsiao Teresa Abington MA USA
16 Innes Erikka San Jose CA USA
16 Johnson Melanie Montreal Quebec Canada
16 Jones William Dixon CA USA
16 Loew Maxanne Fort Lauderdale FL USA
16 Melenka Rebecca Calgary Alberta Canada
16 Nancy Haines Atlanta GA USA
16 presser arlynn winnetka illinois USA
16 Short Ronald Austin TX USA
16 Starwalt Jonathon Portland Oregon USA
16 Tuohy Fiona Rathmines Dublin Ireland
16 Wolf Anna San Francisco CA USA




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