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Heat 17

Genre:  Romance

Subject:  Taste testing



Top 5 Stories

#1 **FINALIST** 'The Magic of Pie' by Damon Watters SYNOPSIS - Through a story of cowboys, disfiguring horse bites and the magic of pie, Franklin finally finds a way to give Joyce his gesture of love. (Heat 17)

#2 **FINALIST** 'Just Ripe' by Jonathan Carr SYNOPSIS - A man reminisces on a first hidden under the responsibilities of life. Sudden rushes of life to the memories are given by the pleasures of a timely indulgence. (Heat 17)

#3 'Best. Day. Ever.' by Dan Radke SYNOPSIS - A guy tries to give his girlfriend the best day ever before he proposes marriage. (Heat 17)

#4 'On Parchman Farm' by Ben Blankenship SYNOPSIS - A young prison guard’s life is forever changed when a prisoner, one like no other becomes his sole responsibility, for his captivity and his life. (Heat 17)

#5 'Taste' by Kaelan Ward SYNOPSIS - Taste – more personal than a hair style, more characterizing than a fingerprint. Beth Webber relies on her pristine palate to lead her to love as she travels the country dating rising culinary stars for her dating cum Food Network show, hoping that one of these restaurants will serve up Mr. Right before her cynical side calls for the check. (Heat 17)

Heat Participants

Heat Last Name First Name City State / Province Country
17 Bauch Chelsea Washington DC USA
17 Blankenship Ben Portland Oregon USA
17 Buchanan Warren Clayton CA USA
17 Carr Jonathan Simi Valley CA USA
17 Gaensslen Robin Denver CO USA
17 Gaudet Nicole Sherwood Park Alberta Canada
17 Houchin Cynthia Austin Texas USA
17 Jensen James Germantown TN USA
17 Keen Joshua Colorado Springs Colorado USA
17 Laurie Elizabeth Astoria New York USA
17 Murphy Breene Laguna Beach CA USA
17 O'Neil Katie Chicago IL USA
17 Proto Michael Atlanta GA USA
17 Radke Dan Irvine CA USA
17 Rogers Charles Philadelphia PA USA
17 schnatz kurt      
17 Szulanski Yali Tel Aviv Tel Aviv Israel
17 Ward Kaelan Chicago IL USA
17 Watters Damon Ventura CA USA
17 Weaver David Liverpool Merseyside UK
17 Wilke Scott Buckeye Arizona USA
17 Wu Hai-Tao New York NY USA




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